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Parent Branch
This node comes off from this branch
Scientific Name Only
Easy Title
Translate the name into a short explanation.
Aquifoliales; "Water Leaf Order of Plants"|
Asteraceae; "Star Family of Plants"
Include non-scientific names.

Include meanings of Greek/Latin names.

Tell us how this node of the branch is
different than the parent node.
ie: Plants are different because
of their cell wall, chloroplasts etc.
Just the Video ID code.
This is found in part of the Video's URL (YouTube).
Does this entire branch end in extinction?
Is this an Order, Family, or Genus?
Page Type
Make sure this is set for all families, and genera.
This Clad first appeared how many 1,000 years ago?
Do not include commas "," or decimals ".", only numbers
If you'd like to order this list,
place a number from 1-100 here.
When first entering a Node,
you may list all of the sub-nodes of this node here.

If you need to edit any of these sub-nodes,
you will have to edit each one individually
Sub-node clads
Set the clad of all the sub nodes

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