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Gardening Question Smelly orange things in my flower bed

I live in Central Florida, in my flowerbed I am finding these bright orange ball shaped objects (they sort of resemble a rotten tomato, but I know they are not), I don't know what they are. They smell HORRIBLE!!! Do you have any ideas?
March 16, 2010

Smelly orange things in my flower bed

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Sounds like stinkhorn fungus... if you could upload an image, we could then know for sure.
March 17, 2010
Gardening Question Gardening Questions
Funny looking mushroom Funny looking mushroom
What kind of mushroom is this?

funky mushroom! funky mushroom!
This mushroom is in my front yard and its pretty big. Round top that has a rusty red like color.

identify hanging basket plant identify hanging basket plant
if someone can help me identify this plant. i see it everyday when i go form my walk and it is magnificent. They keep them in hanging baskets.

Fungi identification Fungi identification
I found fungus with red stem and the tops look like they were dipped in milk chocolate shiny milk chocolate and the brushes off easily so it is just a coating on the fungus want to know what it is?

Can you cancel membership please joined in error. Request help as to how to cancel ?

Plant recognition. Plant recognition.
How do I send a photograph of a flower so you can identify it please ?

Mango Plant Mango Plant
How can i save my new 20days old mango plants indoor pot ?

flower flower
what kind of flower is this---thank you

flower flower
just joined--how do i add a picture so i can find out what kind of flower this is---thank you

Identify fungus on stem of elderberry? Identify fungus on stem of elderberry?
I have a strange pale orange fungus(?) growing on the stems of my all my elderberry.It starts growing where a leaflet branches off of a stem, and then goes off on its own - sort of long/cylindrical/free-form.The largest is about the size/diameter/shape of a thumb.Surface is smooth, pocked with tiny orange circles, background is actually very light pale green, but overall appearance of the color islike orange sherbet.If you snap them, they are crisp. Pale green/juicy inside, like a... green apple or something.I have photos, but not sure how to attach.

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