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Well, summer is here, and so are the bugs! I realize that the following statement is going to sound so crazy coming from a person who loves to garden, but I'm going to say it anyway and hopefully someone can relate! I HATE BUGS!!!! Not just because they eat my plants, or infest them with disease, but because they are so disgusting it makes me cringe! It is this that has caused me to be mostly an indoor kind of girl up until recently! My dad just laughs at me when I tell him this because I spend so much time out in the garden amongst the very things that disgust me so much! I live in Iowa and currently we are experiencing a considerable amount of rain, which is causing the slugs to be crawling all over my plants day and night! Also the wonderful Japanese Beetles have come to visit my garden! The other day I had one flying around my head, I thought it landed on me so I shook my head and went about my business; about half an hour later I went inside, laid down in bed to cool off and relax for about half an hour then proceeded to get in the shower...... as I ran my hands through my hair under the water I noticed what felt like a leaf.... it wasn't a leaf... it was a beetle.... lets just say I was NOT happy lol! I got some bug spray for the plants, I tried several "organic" methods of bug control but they were just too bad and I have too little time for it to be effective!

In the early spring I was cutting the ornamental grass back and clearing out the brush when I reached down to grab some dead grass only to have something grab it back from me and pull it to the ground! I screamed of course and made my husband come investigate! He found a family of baby bunnies which at the time I thought were sooo cute! Now.............. I cannot bring myself to trap them or let my husband trap shoot them, but I do not find the constantly multiplying bunnies to be so cute! I am still working on getting chicken wire or wild life wire netting around all of my veggies but I've made a lot of progress! Makes for a royal pain when it comes time to weed though! I am now going to admit something else that will sound crazy... I hate birds, I like to look at them but I have had several "instances" where birds (particularly large ones" try to attack me! I was once cornered by ostriches when I was about 12 years old and volunteering at a zoo! Emu's like to follow me every time I go to the zoo! At sea world a stork was following me around getting closer and closer until I finally surrendered my sardines, which I was trying to feed the blind seal with! When I was a kid bats (i know not technically a bird but they still fly) used to get into my grandmas house which was not fun to wake up too! Now the birds have been eating my garden veggies! My dad suggested I get a bird feeder to give them something else to eat, which I have done but it does not distract the big black birds! I don't know what they eat, I got some sort of multi purpose bird seed I'm not sure what it is supposed to attract for sure but I do enjoy the male and female Cardinal that like to perch on my fence, so long as they keep at a distance!

I have several seedlings started, green peppers and hot peppers (which all will be semi-hot now because I forgot to label and didn't know at the time that they cross breed!) I also started some other things but lots have died! Either too much son, too much water, too little water, who knows what!

Anyhow my gardens are doing relatively well considering the crazy weather lately! Hopefully everything will survive!

A full time mom/student trying to succeed at gardening
this image has not been modified at all! It was the calm between storms a few evenings ago!

Comment: A full time mom/student trying to succeed at gardening

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June 21, 2010
Good luck with the gardens!

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