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Orchid Information - Enjoy the amazing world of orchids


Even You can Grow orchids with EASE when you have accurate Orchid Information.

Have you ever asked or thought to yourself if it could be possible to grow orchids, or
thought you would like to grow an orchid but don't know anything about how to grow

A lot of people are under the assumption or feel that orchids are expensive and require
a lot of work to grow. Orchids have a myth about them that they are hard to grow due to
their tropical origin.

Well a lot of people are wrong! Because with the correct orchid information and knowledge
and providing them with the proper care anybody can grow an orchid. Orchids aren't any
harder to grow or require any more work than any other plant you may have growing in your
house or garden.

There are a lot of different types of orchids to choose from, so remember when you do
choose an orchid, pick one that is right for the type of environment that the plant will
be growing in.

Whether it be indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse, certain types of orchids require a
particular type of environment and the right type of care for them to thrive. That's why it's
important to have accurate orchid information on the type of species you will be growing.

There are numerous places to get orchid information. A lot of information and tips can
be acquired from the internet, internet blogs, magazines, eBooks, forums, orchid societies,
orchid growers, nursery's etc... With a little bit of research you can find all the information
that is needed to keep your orchids happy, healthy and thriving for a long time.

Orchid cultivation started in England somewhere around the 19th century. Wealthy Companies
and individuals would finance expeditions to collect orchids and bring them back to England.
Collectors would travel all over the world for months in search of rare species. These rare exotic
species were mostly sold at auctions in London, for very high prices.

During this time period there wasn't a lot of orchid information on their cultivation, so the
survival rate was very low. Today the gathering of wild orchids has been banned. This ban was
adopted in 1973 by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna
and Flora. The gathering and smuggling of some species are considered to be the reason a lot
of these orchids do not exist in the wild anymore.

The orchid family is believed to be the second largest family of flowering plants with somewhere
around 25,000 acknowledged species. Since the introduction of tropical species in the 19th
century horticulturists have created over 100,000 hybrids.

The name Orchid comes from the Greek word "orkhis" meaning "testicle", because there roots
have a similar shape.

Orchids have become a very huge market throughout the world. Buyers sometimes will bid hundreds of
dollars for new hybrids. With their ease in hybridization, orchids are becoming one of the most popular
cut-flowers on the market today.

Weather you grow one or several orchids, do your research and get accurate orchid information for the
types of orchids you have and you will be able to grow beautiful, amazing orchids that your friends will
envoy and admire.

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Orchid Information - Enjoy the amazing world of orchids

Orchid Information - Enjoy the amazing world of orchids

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March 12, 2011
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