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Caring for Orchids the Right Way


Orchids have always had a reputation for being hard to grow and take care of. However with a little bit of know-how and the right information on the type of plant you have you’ll find caring for orchids is quite easy.

Orchids have become very popular and always seem to be in style.

There are so many types of orchids to choose from, with their amazing colors and amazing beauty you should not have any trouble at all finding one that is right for you.

Caring for orchids can be exciting,fun and rewarding as long as you provide them with the correct care and environment that they need. Orchid care is pretty easy and with a few tips and information you can be well on your way to growing fabulous looking orchids.

If you have been looking for something different to try then I would suggest try growing orchids.

All orchids have certain needs and some of these needs are the right amount of water, fertilizer, the proper amount of light, the right temperature, (not too hot but not too cold).

They also need a certain amount of humidity and air movement.

You should re-pot orchids about ever year and in the correct type of media that has bark, coconut husk chips, diatomite, charcoal and perlite in it. This will provide your orchid with good drainage and air circulation.

Just remember your media should be loose and drain well. Do not use regular soil. A sure fire way to kill an orchid is to over water it. If the leaves start to turn yellow this could be a sign of over watering. A sign of under watering is the leaves will start to wrinkle which means you need to provide them with more water when you do your watering.

As you can see caring for orchids is not that hard at all and if you spend a few minutes each day providing the correct care you will be amazed at how low maintenance they are.

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