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Have you ever thought about growing orchids? Well in this article we are going to discuss how wonderful and easy it is to grow and get them to bloom.

Orchids are a wonderful household plant and can be grown indoors if you live in cold climates and if you live in warmer climates you can grow them outdoors. If you are going to be growing orchids then you must understand what type of climate they grow best in.

A lot of orchids grow in trees out of the bark or they grow terrestrial which means they grow on the ground in bark, soil or sand. If you are growing orchids indoors some of the best media you can use is moss, bark, sticks or any organic media which provides good drainage and lots of wood materials. You can grow them in many different ways because there are so many types of orchids.

I have found that the best way to growing orchids is in bark and pieces of wood or you can purchase a good orchid media mix. This will allow them to get plenty of air to the roots. If the roots don't receive air they will die so they need really good drainage.

To get your orchids to bloom there are curtain needs that have to be met. They need a dormant time which is when they are not really growing and they need time when there is less light then other times.

Orchids are a tropical plant so they don't like bright hot sun because this will cause them to burn. When growing orchids it is sometimes better to grow them under artificial light or in an area of partial shade and partial sun.

Growing orchids can be done at any time of the year. They can be put in a greenhouse in some other darker area for a month or so and them bring them back out and many times this change will cause them to bloom again.

Just remember you never want your orchids to get below 50 degrees because this will damage them. Growing orchids is very easy and a lot of fun. So place your orchids in a east or south facing window and let them grow.

Never let them get to wet or set in water and don't let them get to dry and they will do just fine and set off blooms that you can really enjoy.

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Growing Orchids
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January 02, 2011

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