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Wedding Orchids - An Excellent Choice


When you get married flowers play an integral part in any wedding ceremony and by using orchids you symbolize rare beauty, love, and refinement.

There is nothing more elegant at a wedding (other than the Bride) then wedding orchids. More than just a decoration, orchids have become a very popular tradition at weddings.

There are several species of orchids used in weddings today and one of the most popular orchid is the cymbidium orchid. These elegant flowers have large blossoms and come in several colors like pink, yellow, white and pale green.

Cymbidium orchids are very wilt-resistant, they will withstand a certain amount of handling after they are cut and will survive for several days even on warm summer days. Cymbidium orchids also make wonderful wedding bouquets or table decorations.
Other commonly used wedding orchids are Dendrobium orchids also known as the Singapore orchid and come in purple and white.

Phalaenopsis (Moth Orchid) also make wonderful looking bridal bouquets. They can also be used in a mixed display of other
The one that most people think of when considering orchids for their wedding is the cattleya, also known as the corsage orchid. They come in pink, purple, white, yellow and some striped varieties.

Due to the wide variety of orchids species and the sizes, shapes and colors they come in makes it easy to choose the right wedding orchids for any occasion and can match your color theme with ease.

Whether your wedding is in the spring, summer, fall or winter, extravagant or simple. Wedding orchids can provide bright, beautiful flowers to make your wedding day unforgettable.
Nothing beats the elegance and aroma of wedding orchids and they make beautiful wedding corsages, boutonnieres, bridal bouquet's and many other floral arrangements for weddings, or any occasion that calls for a touch of beauty or sophistication.

It's a very special day when you get married and every detail should be thought out carefully. By using orchids you can add flair and elegance to your wedding and create an unforgettable event. To add more appeal to your wedding orchids choose a variety that has a light citrus fragrance.

A few things to remember when using orchids in your wedding is to keep your orchid corsages fresh. A light mist of water and placing them in a refrigerator will help keep them fresh.Remove them just before they are ready to be worn.

Use cymbidium and phalaenopsis wedding orchids for bridal flowers. The use of deep burgundy or lime green wedding orchids is an excellent choice if you are looking for unusual colors.

Choosing your wedding orchids can be fun and exciting due to the wide variety and colors of available orchids and you will have no problem choosing your wedding orchids to match your wedding color theme.

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Wedding Orchids

Wedding Orchids

Wedding Orchids

Comment: Wedding Orchids - An Excellent Choice

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