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Orchid Problems and Causes


No matter what type of plant you grow you eventually are going to have problems. You will sooner or later have orchid problems if you grow orchids also.

Orchids can live for a very long time, and for this to happen the right conditions must exist and when problems do occur they must be dealt with immediately or you plants will suffer.

When growing orchids there are several orchid problems you may encounter.Some of these orchid problems may be bloom problems like no flowering spikes, flower wilt, bud blast, spotting, and red lip.

Here we will discuss some of these orchid problems and the things that may cause these problems.

If you have cymbidiums or other pseudo bulb type species and they look healthy, but there is new foliage being produced from the new pseudo bulbs but there are no flower spikes. This could be caused by the older pseudo bulbs have shed their foliage affecting the new ones.

If this is the problem you need to re-pot your orchid and remove the older pseudo bulbs that do not have any leaves. By doing this your orchid will be able to restore its balance and as the new pseudo bulbs grow larger they will start to produce flower spikes.

If you are having the same orchid problems with other types of orchids and they are not producing flowers the cause might be temperature related.

If they are cool growing orchids the temperature may be too high. If they are warmer growing orchids and the temperature is to high the leaves will be limp and be dark green and have no flowers.

To help treat these orchid problems for the cool growing orchids move them to a cooler environment. For the warmer growing orchids like phalaenopsis species provide them with cooler nighttime temperature for about 3 weeks to help flowering. Do this for a healthy plant that has not produced a flower spike for quite a few months.

If you are having flower wilt orchid problems the cause may be due to over dryness or are overheating. Pay attention to the growing conditions and try to provide an environment that is ideal for the type of orchid you have.

If you are having bud blast orchid problems, which means the buds are maturing naturally on the spike but are falling off just as they open. The reason could be that they are being over watered, the conditions are too cold or too wet, or on the other hand the conditions could be too dry or to warm or poor ventilation.

Make sure the environment is correct for your type of orchid and maintain these conditions. If your plant is about to flower don't change their environment by moving it to a different location.

Spotting on fresh blooms are other orchid problems you may encounter and is often seen on phalaenopsis and cattleya orchid flowers. This is called botrytis and is caused by a fungal illness.

This problem is caused by damp cold conditions and the lack of ventilation. This will happen in the winter when conditions are the coldest. Remove the flowers that are infected and isolate the infected plant so the fungus does not spread to your other orchids.

Red lip orchid problems occur on cymbidium orchids where the flower lips turn red and die, which happens on older blooms or they have lost their pollen. Pollen loss occurs by mice or small birds that have eaten or pecked the pollen off. This also can happen by being dislodged due to rough handling.

Carefully handle your orchids to prevent damaging them. The only thing you can do to outdoor orchids is make sure they are not at risk to looting animals.

These are just a few orchid problems you may in counter. There are many other problems that may affect your orchids but there are numerous books that can be purchased to help you deal with your orchid problems and keep them healthy, thriving and looking beautiful for many years.

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