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Pottering around in the Garden - War on Weeds


Hey everyone I just wanted to tell you a little about my garden and what I've been up to lately garden-wise.


When I first arrived at my little patch of earth 1.6 years ago the garden was a mess of neglect overrun with weeds. The garden was composed of about 90% fishbone fern, agapanthus and privet. The last 10% contained a small pond, a few other scattered plants which had managed to survive thus far and a couple of large shade trees expertly positioned on the upper side of a steep slope on the northern side of the property. The positioning of these trees meant that not only did I have to overcome the weed problem but I had the added obstacle of the entire garden being shaded daylong! (I live in the Southern Hemisphere)

The first to go was the fishbone fern. (This being a priority due to a snake scare upon arrival on the property) After clearing a large area of fishbone fern I was delighted to discover a couple of sandstone edged garden beds and even a small paved area leading to the pond.After removing the ferns and the majority of the rhizomes I covered the garden beds with a thick layer of newspaper held in place with some small rocks and left for 2-3 months. (A trick I learned while working for a volunteer organisation gardening for the elderly and disabled) Now the fern problem is under control with only the occasional plant popping up which is easily pulled out and discarded. In the cleared garden beds I have planted strawberries; both wild and cultivated varieties, a rhubarb plant acquired from my mothers garden and recently some rocket seedlings. A combination of shade and poor soil quality has resulted in the rhubarb dying and the lack of any kind of new growth in the other plants.
...To be continued

Pottering around in the Garden

Comment: Pottering around in the Garden - War on Weeds

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