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A-Z list of warm climate and tropical vegetables


* Amaranth (use leaf amaranth like spinach)

* Arugula (rocket)

* Asian Greens

* Beans (try snake beans and winged beans in the tropics)

* Bell Peppers

* Cabbage

* Capsicum (that's the Australian name for peppers)

* Cassava (starchy tubers)

* Ceylon Spinach

* Chard (silverbeet, similar to spinach)

* Chinese Cabbages

* Chilli Peppers

* Cucumbers

* Eggplant (aubergine)

* Endive

* Kang Kong (water spinach)

* Lettuce

* Luffa (angled luffa is a great zucchini substitute)

* Okra

* Peppers

* Pumpkins

* Radish

* Rocket (arugula)

* Silverbeet (chard, similar to spinach)

* Squash

* Sweet Corn

* Sweet Potatoes (instead of normal potatoes)

* Tomatoes

* Water Chestnuts

* Zucchini

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Daisy Mae D. Apilar

Baybay Leyte, Philippines June 16, 2010

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