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Video: Tropical Gardens of Hawaii and Florida


Dr Perry shares with us the amazing beauty he had the pleasure to see on his visit to Hawaii and Florida.
During his stay in Hawaii he visited the Dole Plantation and the Wahiawa Botanic Gardens, both located in Oahu, in the rain forest part of the island.
Dr Perry comments on how Hawaii is 2.000 miles away from any land, presenting a lot of diversity.
We find out that the state flower of Hawaii is the yellow hibiscus and that plumeria is very common there.
At the Dole plantation you can expect to see a beautiful Bromelia Garden and many different types of pineaples from all over the world
Dr Perry shows a map that laysout the location of the gardens, and shows how at Oahu (North) the climate is wet, and windward, whereas Honolulu (South) it is dry, and leeward.
In Florida Dr Perry had the chance to visit the Leu Gardens in Orlando, and the Selby Gardens in Sarasota.
At the Leu Gardens you can expect to see demonstrations, a rose garden, a floral clock planted with begonials,and much more; the garden has a 3 mile paved walk, making access possible to weelchairs.
Also at the Selby Gardens a place of various botanic researchs, art, and programs, you will see a wonderfull greenhouse, a butterfly garden, a tropical green roof, etc.

Following there is a list of most of the Dr Perry's pictures of flowers, plants,and trees, presented in this video.

Hawaii - Oahu

Dole Plantation
  Croton - house plant growing outsides
Red ginger
Royal poinciana tree
Schefflera, Umbrela tree, Octupus tree
Banyan Tree (Ficus)
Coconut Palm (whatch out for fallin coconuts)

Wahiawa Botanin Gardens - Rain Forest Climate
Rainbow eucalyptus tree
Giant orchid (Grammatophyllum) 2-3 inches acroos
Parrots beak - Heliconia
Bamboo "barcode"
Traveller's palm (it has deep leafs have chanels that hold water, ready for the traveller to drink.


Florida - Orlando

Leu Gardens
Dward poinciana
Sea grape
Cape leadwort (plumbago)
Double hibiscus
Cut-leaf philodendron
Crape myrtle

Selby Gardens - Sarasota FL
Hanging pitcher plant
Hibiscus pink
Yellow shrimp plant
Golden pothos groundcover
Neem tree
Moreton bay fig (exotic roots)
Spindle palm

UVM Extension Ornamental Horticulturist

Tropical Gardens of Hawaii and Florida - Blog
Tropical Gardens of Hawaii and Florida - Blog - DrPerry

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FL USA April 16, 2009
I've seen the parrots beak in Cuba.

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