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My Geranium Identification Pic


I potted Geranium plant was given to me from a friend who could no longer have it when he moved. At first I was not too impressed, but over time the plant "grew" on me... ha ha.
I found this plant was quite an amazing plant... as it continues to flower over and over again with a brilliant red flower each time. I found to appreciate the stems, the leaves and their interesting shape, contour, feel and growing patterns.
One day I was inspired to actually draw this plant that continues to show me that life is a cycle and continues to flower brilliantly and also die and fall to the ground over and over and over again.
This plant has followed me now and lived with me in three locations. At least this geranium seems to do better in light, blooms more when placed next to a sunny window.

My Geranium Identification Pic - Blog
My Geranium Identification Pic - Blog - tobolonoble

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