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Snail Mating and Reproduction


Reproduction in snails is quite different than in mammals.

The land snail is a hermaphrodite, it has both reproductive organs. It can't create babies by itself however, it needs a partner.
The snails 'hook up' on the right sides of their heads, this can last for up to 12 hours. Both injecting the other with spermatazoa, both becoming impregnated.
Once they are fertilized, they lay up to 100 tiny little eggs, each containing little snailettes. These are usually buried in soil, but if it is too wet, these can be attached to the side of a plant. The snailettes eat their eggs to gain the calcium needed to harden their shell. As they devour your garden, they grow and grow into adult snails, while staying relatively the same shape and scale.
The snail can reproduce about once a month.
Helix aspersa snails usually only live for about 2-3 years. In captivity, their lifespan is much longer, ranging up to 10 years.

It is common for fine restaurants in Europe to serve snails. Commonly called "Escargot" in France, they are a local delicacy. Some of these snails can be quite expensive. Snails on these menus are closely related to common garden snails found in the US. After the initial setup, it is easy to farm, prepare and eat snails.
Eating Garden Snails:

  Eating Garden Snails Eating Garden Snails
Eating Garden Snails
Helix aspersa, the common western garden snail, is a close relative of the commercial French food snail, Helix pomatia. The practice of rearing snails for food is known as heliciculture.

Garden Snail - Helix aspersa
  Snails Moving 10 times normal speed Snails Moving 10 times normal speed
Snails Moving 10 times normal speed
Video of snails with their pedals to the metal. Timelapse of snails zipping around as they hurry to destroy everything that you've just planted. They eat everything. --- There is no real way t

  Garden Snail - Helix aspersa Garden Snail - Helix aspersa
Garden Snail - Helix aspersa
AKA Cornu aspersum and Cantareus aspersus. Snails are Gastropoda, belonging to the phylum Mollusca. Snails are hermaphroditic. All snails can be pregnant and get other snails pregnant. snail is

Great info from Thunder
  Brown Garden Snail Brown Garden Snail
Brown Garden Snail
Diet: Juvenile and adult snails feed on a wide variety of plants and small plants may be totally consumed. Feeding snails leave ragged holes and slime trails on plants. Snails graze on a wide variety

Farming Snails
  Farming snails Farming snails
Farming snails
-- Equipment: -- Successful snail culture requires the correct equipment and supplies, including: snail pens or enclosures; devices for measuring humidity (hygrometer), te

Snail Mating and Reproduction - YouTube.com

Snail Mating and Reproduction - Blog
Snail Mating and Reproduction - Blog - May 06, 2009

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Am a beginner in snail rearing, pls i would like to know how many month does it take a snail to reach a market stage.

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