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Cody Lundin's Self-Sustaining Home


Cody Lundin, the survival master known as "Abodude" has created his own self sufficient home in Arizona.
Cody is known for his aboriginal lifestyle that includes walking without shoes for the past 20 years,creating fire with a hand drill (which is quite a bit more difficult than a bow-drill), finding water in the desert, building quick shelters, making stone tools, utilizing resources and trapping wild game.

The home faces solar south to maximize the winter sun. He covers his windows during the summer to minimize the amount of radiant heat that can enter the house. It is also inside of an arch shape making the summer's high sun unable to directly shine into the house. As the year progresses toward winter, the angle of the sun allows more and more direct light into the house, heating the large rocks the floor is made of.
The home is heat insulated, and requires little to maintain temperature.
He uses large windows in combination with large rocks on the floor to absorb heat during the day, and then at night the same rocks radiate the heat back into the house.
His home is sub-terrainian, to take advantage of the cool earth during the summer. In the winter the deep ground doesn't drop below 50 degrees.
To increase light he added solar tubes made with broken mirrors to reflect light down into the back rooms.
The home is approximately 700 square feet.
He catches rain water for drinking etc.
He also can catch the rabbits that eat the plants above his house. This way he can remain completely off the grid, if he chooses, and live well doing so.
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Cody Lundin's website:


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Discovery Channel show about Cody Lundin and Dave Canterbury surviving as a team in extreme environments:

dsc.discovery.com tv dual-survival

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All the Dual Survival episodes for Free (as of July 2010):
youtube.com user DualSurvival

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Cody Lundin's Self-Sustaining Home - YouTube.com

Cody Lundin's Self-Sustaining Home
Cody Lundin's Self-Sustaining Home - October 25, 2009

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Ray Lake

Las Vegas, NV August 01, 2010
Kodos to you Cody, I would love to get off the grid. I am a retired special inspector with the city of Las Vegas,(high-rise construction). I had plans on building a straw bale house, but your house surpasses what I invisioned. I inspected a shotcrete house in the hills, in LA, also with rebar and contoured roof and it was for this Doctor lady. It was partially protruding in the hill. My concern is, the building permits etc. My wife and I were looking at perhaps living in the vicinity of Flagstaff, Prescott,Sedona would be nice, but pricey. Any suggestions, with the location and the style of your house?

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