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Compare Species Phylogenetically

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What's this? This is a function to build a custom Tree of Life showing the relationships of up to ten species.
You can add species by visiting a plant, fungus, or animal page that has had it's family identified.

You don't have any species selected yet.

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To see an example list, click here.

On pages that have been identified, (Plants, fungus, animals), there will be a horizontal column showing the genetic lineage of the species, this collumn can be found on the lower left of it's page. At the top of this column, will be a link called "Compare Species". Clicking this link will add the species to your list. There is a maximum of 10 species that you can add to your list.

Once you have a few species added to your list, a row of images appears at the top of every page, and now you can compare them phlogenetically. This will create a miniature Tree of Life that only has the branches leading to the families of the species you've selected. This will enable you to see their relations, and relatively how long ago they diverged from one another. Click the View Tree of Life button below the images.

Not every plant, fungus and animal page has been included into this tree yet, we are still working on it. If you find any that are missing, and you'd like to see in the database, let us know.

Phylogenetic Tree of Life

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