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Homo Irritatus
Type: Mammal

Effect: Pest

Homo Genus

Location / Where this Creature is found:

This creature can be found throughout North America and much of the developed world. The most common place to see this garden pest is in rural areas.

General information about Snot-nose :

These seemingly adorable little neighborhood primates can become quite a burden for the rural gardener. Sometimes this species can find a home next door. The symptoms are usually balls and toys that come flying over as a prelude to a clumsy, clomping, snot-nose jumping right into your freshly transplanted seedlings.

In their larval stage, they are harmless but if these creatures are over-coddled, they can develop into Snot-noses, or worse; the infamous Snot-nosed Brat.

Throughout history, gardeners have been battling the Snot-nose. During the Great Snot-nosed Famine of the early 30's, after wiping out nearly 1 3 the country's crops, the Snot-nose was almost erradicated with the practice of spanking. More recently, the practice of spanking has been outlawed, creating a new breeding ground for the exponential growth of the Urban Snot-nose.

It's not clear if any ground has been gained, but maybe someday we'll find an answer.
This pest causes problems by:
These primates, like many simians, like to climb over gardening fences and destroy freshly planted seedlings.
How to get rid of it:
Garden hose or a pitbull, but the pitbull can also become a garden pest. Others suggest realistic scarecrows. If you find a large nest of these next door, you might want to just move.

Snot Nosed Brat

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