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Type: Mammal

Effect: Pest

Location / Where this Creature is found:

They live in tunnel systems called warrens and don't venture far to feed.

General information about Rabbits :

Despite being so adorable-looking, rabbits aren't all that sweet and innocent.

Once plants grow beyond the seedling stage - or trees develop tough bark - they are generally safe from bunny attacks. Rabbits generally leave clean-cut leaves and stems, unlike other pests who aren't quite as tidy in their attacks.

This pest causes problems by:
These furry guys can cause considerable damage in the garden, munching on peas, beans, lettuce, flowers, tulips, clover and deciduous tree bark.
How to get rid of it:
The best ways to keep rabbits out of your garden are by fencing, repelling, or trapping. You can also try planting a patch of clover or alfalfa away from your main garden area to divert the rabbits' attention. Also, remove brush and keep grasses low so rabbits don't have anywhere to hide. Or you can try motion-sensing devices that scare rabbits with a blast of cold water.


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