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Slugs and Snails

Type: Insect

Effect: Pest

Location / Where this Creature is found:

They`re active at night, but will come out and feed in your garden during cooler, wetter days.

General information about Slugs and Snails :

Slugs and snails are two of the most aggressive garden pests around - and they always return, no matter what measures you take.

The two creatures are similar; snails have a shell, slugs don't.

Slugs and snails always seem to return, whether it`s from other lots, on new plants or from new soil in container plants you purchase from the nursery, appearing as eggs in tiny round clusters.

This pest causes problems by:
They attack a range of plants, leaving irregular-shaped holes in leaves.
How to get rid of it:
To control these pests, you can use metaldehyde or methiocarb in pellets, meal, or emulsion form. But don`t use methiocarb around fruit trees and vegetable plants. And take care if you have dogs - the bait can poison dogs.

You may opt to simply grabbing snails by hand and then get rid of them. The best time is after 10 p.m.


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South Carolina March 22, 2009
These are every where in my yard... the come out late at night. The kids have fun looking for them and picking them up for me.

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