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unknown small black caterpillar

Type: Insect

Effect: Pest

Location / Where this Creature is found:

On my grape vine leaves, leaving them skeletal.


These are small (appx 1/4 inch)and appear black or brown with slightly segmented bands as can be seen in the scan. They dont appear to be spiny, knobbly or hairy and are present in huge numbers on the affected leaves.

General information about unknown small black caterpillar :

I hoped your site might be able to identify a pest that is ravaging my grape vine. The leaves are being destroyed in their hundreds by small black caterpillars that I cannot identify.
I desperately want to get rid of them and prevent them returning. I live in the south of Spain in Europe.

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unknown small black caterpillar

unknown small black caterpillar
This is one of my cherished vine leaves that are being left skeletal by these little caterpillars.

  Identifier Research
Western Grape Leaf Skeletonizer
June 19, 2020

Comment: unknown small black caterpillar

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