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Mantis Religiosa
Type: Insect

Effect: Neutral

Mantis Family
Religiosa Genus

Location / Where this Creature is found:

The praying mantis is found in many parts of the world and some were introduced to the United States in the early nineteenth century


he European Mantis is usually 57.5 cm (23 inches) in length, and has shades of bright green to tan. It can be distinguished easily by a black-ringed spot beneath the fore coxae. It is one of several different insects for which a name used within Europe to refer to only a single insect species (in this case, "praying mantis") has become adopted throughout the globe to refer to the larger group of insects to which that one species belongs (e.g., compare "hornet" to European hornet, or "wasp" to common wasp).

Despite being an introduced species, it is the official state insect of Connecticut.

General information about Mantis Religiosa :

Praying mantises (or mantids) come in many colors such as pink like a flower (the orchid praying mantis Hymenopus coronatus) and white, although most are brown or green

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Praying Mantis

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