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Type: Mammal

Effect: Pest

Location / Where this Creature is found:

Fields or wild land

General information about Squirrels :

Squirrels aren't picky. They'll show up in your garden and have a feeding frenzy on your seedlings, berries, fruit, vegetables - even roots and bark. Sometimes they'll attack your larger flowers and will dig up bulbs and newly planted seeds.

You`re more likely to encounter squirrels if you leave near fields or wild land. In the spring and summer, you'll see most squirrels active in mid-morning or late afternoon.

This pest causes problems by:
Humm almost everything
How to get rid of it:
The best way to control squirrels is my trapping them. Use a box-type trap baited with a slice of orange or walnut). Or you may opt for anticoagulant types of poison bait, which should be placed in at least one bait station and available to the squirrel for at least a week. But first check with your county agent or farm advisor. Some jurisdictions prohibit the capture of some kinds of ground squirrels.

You can also try using birdfeeders specially designed to ward off squirrels.


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