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Definition of Flower : Collection of reproductive structures found in flowering plants. The sexual reproductive structure of the angiosperms, typically with a gynoecium, androecium, perianth and an axis.

Pages with Flower in the Description:

Old-fashioned Bleeding-Heart, Lamprocapnos spectabilis Fumariaceae
Garlic, Unknown...

Unknown Plant with Little Yellow Flowers
Curly Plant
Jatropha Multifida
Palm Tree
African Lily Agapanthus africanus
Unknown Purple Exotic Flower
Oxalis Oxalis
Unknown spikey plant. Grown to be 5' tall.
Pink Yellow Flower
5 Petal Yellow Flower
Jamun (indian)
Unknown Plant
simple feathery leaves white flowers that gradually turn purple
Curly stem, no flower but the bud looks like a hummingbird beak
I have no idea
Trumpet Vine
Common Chicory cichorium itybus
Asiatic Dayflower Commelina communis
Cardinal Flower Lobelia cardinalis
Great Lobelia lobelia siphilitica
tall green weed with white flowers?
mystery plant
Small purple spotted flower
small purple flower
bubble / pocket flower?
white flower faces down

large bush, snowball fragrant flower white purplish

Unknown Flower

unknown flower popping up all over new yard
very small free standing yellow flower
White flower with lilac leaf covering
green butterfly/heart shaped leaves fast growing
Large White flowers
garlic mustard alliaria petiola

Unknown yellow flower

Sweet Alyssum (Sweet Allison)
African Cornflag (chasmanthe)
Unknown Tubor with Wide Leaf
Small white open flower on single stem with thin leaves
Tree with Pink flowers
12" tall plant with group of pink flowers at top
12" tall plant with group of purple/pink flowers at top
yellow flower
Tree with cream flowers
white flower smooth leaves
May Night Meadow Sage Salvia nemerosa 'May Night'

Small Pink Flower

white cone-like bromeliad-like
Smaller white blooms on a cone-like flower base(bromeliad).
tall plant with yellow flowers on top
Unknown Purple Flower
red & yellow flowers, seed pods
Tall bell like flower
abelia grandiflora
12-14" high green shade perennial
Unknown plant to identify
Small Pink Flowers (found in Santa Barbara)
red flower cone shape broad long leaf
purple and yellow flower

tall with balls on stem, thin orange petals hummingbirds love.
"straw" like flowers, with weed like leaves.
small pink/white flower

Small Red/black/white

??? small white flower ???
3-4' tall, sturdy stalks, pink jewelweed shaped flowers
Purple flower
Unknown Plant
Plant looks like a dandelion, has yellow fluted flowers.

red and orange trumpet found in france
red and orange trumpet found in france
yellow, orange & white hanging flower on small shub/plant
Guinea-Fowl Aloe Aloe aristata Asphodelaceae
Brazilian Bachelor's Button, Brazilian Button Flower, Larkdaisy Centratherum intermedium Asteraceae
Saffron Crocus Crocus sativus Iridaceae
English Walnut Juglans regia Juglandaceae
Evening Primrose Oenothera biennis Onagraceae
Mistletoe Viscum album Viscaceae

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