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Red Blister Leaf Disease

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Maybe Plum leaf blister (Polystigma rubrum) - Red leaf spots

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July 31, 2009
This is one of many different types of Blister disease. Blister disease is a worldwide disease of many woody plants and ferns caused by fungi of the genus Taphrina. Following cold, wet weather at when the buds are forming, leaves become swollen, crinkled, and distorted with yellow, red, purple, brown, whitish, or gray blisters. These leaves usually die and drop early, weakening the plant. A second growth of healthy leaves often appears later. Young peach and nectarine fruits may drop early or are knobby with discolored warty spots; plum fruits become greatly swollen, distorted, and hollow (plum pockets); witches’-brooms may form on alder, Amelanchier, apricot, birch, cherry, cherry laurel, California buckeye, and plum stems; alder and poplar catkins are enlarged and deformed.

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