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Cottony cushion scale
lcerya purchasi

Plant Disease Type:

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This Disease attacks:
mainly citrus plants
attaches to woody part of vines

General Information:
-lives on citrus plants or on woody part of vine in my case
-looks like barnacles (peach or light orange colored)
-5mm to 8mm long
-ooses bright orange liquid when removed from plant (that's the egg sac that bursts)
-white hairs or "cotton-like" fibers that attach to plant are always longer on one end, creating about a 45 degree angle of attachment. These are the adult female egg sacs.
I found out what this is from the Department of Agriculture!

You can find out all about them from the University of CA and their Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program on this website:

This plant disease was found in these places:
outside - sunny to partial shade
Central Coast California

How to treat this disease:
Do not use insecticides! Especially imidacloprid (Merit); it kills most scales, but not cottony cushion scale. More importantly, it kills vedalia beetles.
Cottony cushion scale is usually naturally controlled by two introduced natural enemies: the red and black vedalia beetle, Rodolia cardinalis and the parasitic fly, Cryptochaetum iceryae.

Comment: Cottony cushion scale

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May 01, 2012
I wonder where I can find the life cycles of these diseases.
September 20, 2011
I finally found out what this is! I took samples to the Dept. of Ag. in my city (San Luis Obispo, Ca) and they figured it out very quickly...cottony cushion scales. They were surprised that I don't have any citrus trees, because that is usually their host. I probably made it worse by using insecticides, because that actually kills their natural enemy, the vedalia beetle, and does not kill the particular cottony cushion scale.

March 08, 2011
I would love to know what this is. It's very strange. Could you possibly get some close-ups? or pictures of these things dissected?

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