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The Waterleaf Family
This Family has been moved under the Boraginaceae family.
This is a small Family of about 250 species, distributed around the world but perhaps mainly coming from the Americas. They are all annual or perennial herbs or undershrubs. Most are grown as ornamental plants, with no economically useful plants in the Family. Some of the most popular and well-known plants are Nemophila and Phacelia species, while tropical plants from North America include Wigandia and Nama.
Blue or purple flowers

Hairy leaves without stipules

Seed capsule containing many seeds
and are annual or perennial herbs or small shrubs (not climbers or trees)

Healthy Home Gardening Healthy Home Gardening Healthy Home Gardening Healthy Home Gardening

Scientific Family name.
Hint: Usually ends in "acea"
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The Family Hydrophyllaceae
belongs to the Order of

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Purple Phacelia
Purple Phacelia
Phacelia bipinnatifida
chipmunkridge - July 25, 2011

Phacelia distans
gardengeek - June 16, 2010


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