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The Bean Family
This is one of the largest and most useful plant families. - 17,000 species, distributed almost throughout the world. It includes many well-known vegetables particularly of temperate regions (Beans, Peas), ornamental trees in tropical regions CAESALPINIACEAE, FABACEAE, MIMOSACAE, PAPILIONACEAE - The Pea or Bean Family

(Bauhinia, Flamboyant, Cassia), fodder crops (Clover, Lucerne) and weeds (Vetches and Trefoils), and their growth habits vary from ground cover and aquatic to shrubs, climbers and trees. Many species of trees in this family are important for their timber.

Pea flowers
Nodules on the roots
Pinnate leaves
Seeds in pods like peas or beans


Scientific Family name.
Hint: Usually ends in "acea"
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The Family Leguminosae
belongs to the Order of

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White Clover, trèfle blanc
White Clover, trèfle blanc
Trifolium repens
DrPerry - May 18, 2009


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