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Achene  Identifier Achene

A small, dry, single seed. An indehiscent fruit; a seed that does not split open. Has only a one chamber ovary. The Asteraceae or Daisy Family typically has achenes.

Pages with achene in the Description:

  Cumin   Apiaceae
  Northern Bahia   Asteraceae
  Dandelion   Asteraceae
  Common Knapweed   Asteraceae
  Western Yellow S   Asteraceae
  Mayweed Chamomil   Asteraceae
  Common Sow Thist   Asteraceae
  Hoary Tansy Aste   Asteraceae
  Hoary Tansy Aste   Asteraceae
  Skeleton-leaf Go   Asteraceae
  Wormwood Absinth   Asteraceae
  Sunflower   Asteraceae
  Seaside Goldenro   Asteraceae
  Bougainvillea x   Nyctaginaceae
  Sweet Sand Verbe   Nyctaginaceae
  Bougainvillea   Nyctaginaceae
  Lady’s Thumb   Polygonaceae
  Clematis   Ranunculaceae
  Apache Plume   Rosaceae
  Garden Strawberr   Rosaceae
  Western Cottonwo   Salicaceae

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