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The pollen-bearing part at the upper end of the stamen of a flower. Most anthers occur at the tip of a slender, stemlike filament and have two lobes. Each lobe contains two pollen sacs. When pollen matures in the pollen sacs, the lobes of the anthers burst open in the process known as dehiscence to release the pollen.

Pages with anther in the Description:

  Six tiny white p  
  Evening Primrose   Onagraceae
  Red Hurricane Li   Amaryllidaceae
  Common Milkweed   Asclepiadaceae
  Deptford Pink   Caryophyllaceae
  Deptford Pink   Caryophyllaceae
  Asiatic Dayflowe   Commelinaceae
  Spiderwort   Commelinaceae
  High John the Co   Convolvulaceae
  Hen and Chicks F   Crassulaceae
  Wax Currant   Grossulariaceae
  Arabian Star of   Hyacinthaceae
  Sweet Grass   Poaceae
  Alpine Shooting   Primulaceae
  Alpine Shooting   Primulaceae
  White Marsh-mari   Ranunculaceae
  Hawthorn   Rosaceae
  Tobacco   Solanaceae
  Cayenne   Solanaceae
  Goji Berry   Solanaceae
  Violets   Violaceae

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