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an underground plant part derived from a shoot that is enclosed in numerous overlapping thickened leafy scales whose purpose is to store food
Bulb  Identifier Bulb

Bulbs (which are referred to as "true bulbs") grow in layers, much like an onion. At the very center of the bulb is a miniature version of the flower itself. Helping the bulb to stay together is something called a basil plate, which is that round and flat hairy thing (those are the beginnings of roots) on the bottom of the bulb.

Pages with bulb in the Description:

  white flower smo  
  Garlic, Unknown.  
  ??? small white  
  Tall stalk with  
  12-14" high  
  Chives   Alliaceae
  Haemanthus cocci   Amaryllidaceae
  Cholla Cactus   Cactaceae
  Star of Bethlehe   Hyacinthaceae
  Orange Sun Star   Hyacinthaceae
  Sun Star   Hyacinthaceae
  Blue Blood Iris   Iridaceae
  Blue Blood Iris   Iridaceae
  Bearded Iris   Iridaceae
  Crocus   Iridaceae
  Field Garlic   Liliaceae
  Snakeshead Lily   Liliaceae
  Summer Snowflake   Liliaceae
  Lilium Formosanu   Liliaceae
  Hyacinth   Liliaceae
  Tulip   Liliaceae
  Rain Lily ( Zeph   liliaceae
  Garlic   Liliaceae
  Tigar Lily   Liliaceae
  Wild Flowering T   Liliaceae
  Ledoboaria socia   Liliaceae
  Snakeshead Lily   Liliaceae
  Onion   Liliaceae
  Grape Hyacinth   Liliaceae
  Star-of-Bethlehe   Liliaceae
  Purple Cattleya   Orchidaceae
  Jewel Box Orchid   Orchidaceae
  Red Peony   Paeoniaceae
  Turmeric   Zingiberaceae

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