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Leaf  Identifier Leaf

An organ found in most vascular plants; it consists of a flat lamina (blade) and a petiole (stalk). Many flowering plants have additionally a pair of small stipules near the base of the petiole.

Pages with leaf in the Description:

  Old-fashioned Bl   Fumariaceae
  green weed?  
  Curly stem, no f  
  White flower wit  
  red flower cone  
  Small orchid lik  
  Unknown Tubor wi  
  small pink/white  
  Bright Yellow Bu  
  Wild greens?  
  tall green weed  
  English Walnut   Juglandaceae
  Evening Primrose   Onagraceae
  Bear's Breeches   Acanthaceae
  Adam's Needle   Agavaceae
  Agave   Agavaceae
  Yucca   Agavaceae
  Spider Plant   Agavaceae
  Hosta 'Francee'   Agavaceae
  Mescal   Agavaceae
  Chives   Alliaceae
  Aloe Vera - Barb   Aloaceae
  Red Hurricane Li   Amaryllidaceae
  Red Spider Lily   Amaryllidaceae
  Indian Parsley,   Apiaceae
  Cumin   Apiaceae
  Indian Parsley,   Apiaceae
  Dropwort   Apiaceae
  Hoya   Apocynaceae
  Hoya   Apocynaceae
  Holly   Aquifoliaceae
  Yerba maté   Aquifoliaceae
  Common Winterber   Aquifoliaceae
  Jack-in-the-Pulp   Araceae
  Split Leaf Philo   Araceae
  Dumb Cane   Araceae
  Windmill Palm   Arecaceae
  Common Milkweed   Asclepiadaceae
  Madagascar Drago   Asparagaceae
  Dracaena margina   Asparagaceae
  Feverfew   Asteraceae
  Mayweed Chamomil   Asteraceae
  Tall Ironweed   Asteraceae
  Ironweed   Asteraceae
  Joe-Pye Weed   Asteraceae
  Field Thistle   Asteraceae
  Wormwood Absinth   Asteraceae
  Common Sow Thist   Asteraceae
  Dandelion   Asteraceae
  Cape Daisy   Asteraceae
  Impatiens Balsam   Balsaminaceae
  Mayapple   Berberidaceae
  White Birch Tree   Betulaceae
  Comfrey   Boraginaceae
  Forget-me-not   Boraginaceae
  Stickseed, Jessi   Boraginaceae
  Western Yellow W   Brassicaceae
  Western Yellow W   Brassicaceae
  Christmas Cactus   Cactaceae
  Christmas Cactus   Cactaceae
  Bellflower   Campanulaceae
  Cardinal Flower   Campanulaceae
  Peach-leaved Bel   Campanulaceae
  Peach-leaved Bel   Campanulaceae
  Marijuana   Cannabaceae
  Rocky Mountain B   Capparaceae
  Amur Honeysuckle   Caprifoliaceae
  Red Elderberry S   Caprifoliaceae
  Swiss Chard   Chenopodiaceae
  Cleome hassleria   Cleomaceae
  Asiatic Dayflowe   Commelinaceae
  Feild Bindweed   Convolvulaceae
  Kousa Dogwood   Cornaceae
  White Mexican Ro   Crassulaceae
  Cycad Tree   Cycadaceae
  Sego Palm   Cycadaceae
  Autumn Olive   Elaeagnaceae
  Rhododendron kap   Ericaceae
  Curly Leaf Croto   Euphorbiaceae
  Poinsettia   Euphorbiaceae
  Croton   Euphorbiaceae
  Crimson Clover   Fabaceae
  Common Bean   Fabaceae
  Four Leaf Clover   Fabaceae
  Sensitive Partri   Fabaceae
  Chinese Wisteria   Fabaceae
  White Sweet Clov   Fabaceae
  Crimson Clover   Fabaceae
  Red Clover   Fabaceae
  Sensitive Plant   Fabaceae
  Cape Broom   Fabaceae
  Partridge Pea   Fabaceae
  Flame of the For   Fabaceae
  Yellow Sweet Clo   Fabaceae
  Red Alsike Clove   Fabaceae
  American Wisteri   Fabaceae
  Red Alsike Clove   Fabaceae
  Sweet Gum   Hamamelidaceae
  American Witch H   Hamamelidaceae
  False Bird of Pa   Heliconiaceae
  Red Buckeye   Hippocastanaceae
  Arabian Star of   Hyacinthaceae
  Mophead Hydrange   Hydrangeaceae
  Lace-Cap Hydrang   Hydrangeaceae
  Gladiolus   Iridaceae
  Gladiolus   Iridaceae
  Blue Eyed Grass   Iridaceae
  Blue Eyed Grass   Iridaceae
  Purple Deadnettl   Lamiaceae
  Lambs Ears Plant   Lamiaceae
  Spotted Bee Balm   Lamiaceae
  Heal All   Lamiaceae
  Sweet Basil   Lamiaceae
  Field Garlic   Liliaceae
  Star-of-Bethlehe   Liliaceae
  Onion   Liliaceae
  Tigar Lily   Liliaceae
  Wild Blue Flax   Linaceae
  Southern Magnoli   Magnoliaceae
  Tuliptree   Magnoliaceae
  Tulip Poplar   Magnoliaceae
  Banana - Cavendi   Musaceae
  Colorado Four O'   Nyctaginaceae
  American White W   Nymphaeaceae
  Common Lilac   Oleaceae
  Common Lilac   Oleaceae
  Japanese Privet   Oleaceae
  Mexican Primrose   Onagraceae
  Common Evening P   Onagraceae
  Crucifix Orchid   Orchidaceae
  Spiral Sorrel 'A   Oxalidaceae
  Creeping Woodsor   Oxalidaceae
  3 Leaf Oxalis Pl   Oxalidaceae
  Black Pepper   Piperaceae
  Japanese pittosp   Pittosporaceae
  Foxglove - Digit   Plantaginaceae
  Foxglove - Digit   Plantaginaceae
  Foxglove   Plantaginaceae Juss formerly in Scrophulariaceae
  Corn   Poaceae
  Sorghum   Poaceae
  Corn   Poaceae
  Staining Collomi   Polemoniaceae
  Staining Collomi   Polemoniaceae
  Lady’s Thumb   Polygonaceae
  Pickerel Weed   Pontederiaceae
  Miner's Lettuce:   Portulacaceae
  Miners Lettuce   portulaceae
  Columbine   Ranunculaceae
  Tall Meadow Rue   Ranunculaceae
  Alpine Buttercup   Ranunculaceae
  Alpine Buttercup   Ranunculaceae
  Meadow Buttercup   Ranunculaceae
  Clematis   Ranunculaceae
  Tall Meadow Rue   Ranunculaceae
  California Mount   Rhamnaceae
  Hawthorn   Rosaceae
  Garden Strawberr   Rosaceae
  Rugosa Rose   Rosaceae
  Mallow Ninebark   Rosaceae
  Apache Plume   Rosaceae
  Blackberry   Rosaceae
  Apache Plume   Rosaceae
  Cylindrical Snak   Ruscaceae
  Aspen Tree   Salicaceae
  Sweet Maple   Sapindaceae
  Goldenrain tree   Sapindaceae
  Goldenrain Tree   Sapindaceae
  Abiu   Sapotaceae
  Abiu   Sapotaceae
  Fairy Fan (Scaev   Scaevola
  Birdseye Speedwe   Scrophulariaceae
  Moth Mullein   Scrophulariaceae
  Allegheny Monkey   Scrophulariaceae
  Palmer's Penstem   Scrophulariaceae
  Persian Speedwel   Scrophulariaceae
  Jimsonweed   Solanaceae
  Tobacco   Solanaceae
  CAPE GOOSEBERRY   Solanaceae
  Datura   Solanaceae
  Goji Berry   Solanaceae
  Japanese Camelli   Theaceae
  Cattail   Typhaceae
  Stinging Nettle   Urticaceae
  American Beautyb   Verbenaceae
  Violets   Violaceae
  Hearts Ease   Violaceae
  Virginia Creeper   Vitaceae
  Grass Tree   Xanthorrhoeaceae
  Grass Tree   Xanthorrhoeaceae
  Zedoary   Zingiberaceae
  Red Ginger   Zingiberaceae
  Desert Date   Zygophyllaceae

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