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The stalk of a leaf. The stem connecting the leaf to the main plant. If the plant looses it's leaves, it usually falls off near the base of the petiole.
Petiole  Identifier Petiole

the stalk of a leaf

Pages with petiole in the Description:

  Evening Primrose   Onagraceae
  Poison Hemlock   Apiaceae
  Windmill Palm   Arecaceae
  Showy Milkweed   Asclepiadaceae
  Wormwood Absinth   Asteraceae
  Dandelion   Asteraceae
  Woad   Brassicaceae
  Rocky Mountain B   Capparaceae
  Lambsquarters   Chenopodiaceae
  Cleome hassleria   Cleomaceae
  Asiatic Dayflowe   Commelinaceae
  Feild Bindweed   Convolvulaceae
  High John the Co   Convolvulaceae
  Dragon's Blood S   Crassulaceae
  Sego Palm   Cycadaceae
  Cycad Tree   Cycadaceae
  Crimson Clover   Fabaceae
  Sensitive Partri   Fabaceae
  Crimson Clover   Fabaceae
  Sensitive Plant   Fabaceae
  African Violet   Gesneriaceae
  Sweet Gum   Hamamelidaceae
  Red Buckeye   Hippocastanaceae
  Purple Deadnettl   Lamiaceae
  Spotted Bee Balm   Lamiaceae
  Lambs Ears Plant   Lamiaceae
  Colorado Four O'   Nyctaginaceae
  Mexican Primrose   Onagraceae
  Creeping Woodsor   Oxalidaceae
  Passion Flower   Passifloraceae
  American Sycamor   Platanaceae
  Ladys Thumb   Polygonaceae
  Miner's Lettuce:   Portulacaceae
  Little Blue Lark   Ranunculaceae
  Little Blue Lark   Ranunculaceae
  Serviceberry   Rosaceae
  Garden Strawberr   Rosaceae
  Common Buttonbus   Rubiaceae
  Coffee Bean   Rubiaceae
  Western Cottonwo   Salicaceae
  Alumroot   Saxifragaceae
  Persian Speedwel   Scrophulariaceae
  Rocky Mountain P   Scrophulariaceae
  Birdseye Speedwe   Scrophulariaceae
  Bird of Paradise   Strelitziaceae
  Bird of Paradise   Strelitziaceae
  Valerian   Valerianaceae

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