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Rhizomes  Identifier Rhizomes

A horizontal stem of a plant that is usually found underground, often sending out roots and shoots from its nodes.

It is a method of reproduction for plants.

A stolon is similar to a rhizome, but, unlike a rhizome, which is the main stem of the plant, a stolon sprouts from an existing stem, has long internodes, and generates new shoots at the end.

Pages with rhizomes in the Description:

  12-14" high  
  Hosta 'Francee'   Agavaceae
  Field Thistle   Asteraceae
  Goldenrod   Asteraceae
  Mayapple   Berberidaceae
  Pachysandra   Buxaceae
  Prairie Mouse-Ea   Caryophyllaceae
  Prairie Mouse-Ea   Caryophyllaceae
  Leafy Spurge - E   Euphorbiaceae
  False Bird of Pa   Heliconiaceae
  Bearded Iris   Iridaceae
  Wild Iris   Iridaceae
  Wild Iris   Iridaceae
  Blue Blood Iris   Iridaceae
  Blue Blood Iris   Iridaceae
  Sweet Grass   Poaceae
  Pickerel Weed   Pontederiaceae
  False Solomon Se   Ruscaceae
  Bird of Paradise   Strelitziaceae
  Stinging Nettle   Urticaceae
  Turmeric   Zingiberaceae

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