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Rosette  Identifier Rosette

A circular arrangement of leaves, with all the leaves at the same height, usually right on the ground. Most of the Brassica Family have rosettes.

Pages with rosette in the Description:

  Tall columnar he  
  Guinea-Fowl Aloe   Asphodelaceae
  Agave   Agavaceae
  Spider Plant   Agavaceae
  Mescal   Agavaceae
  Adam's Needle   Agavaceae
  Fynbos Aloe   Aloaceae
  Carrot   Apiaceae
  Haworthia   Asphodelaceae
  Yarrow   Asteraceae
  Common Cornflowe   Asteraceae
  Sonchus Sow this   Asteraceae
  Lettuce in Bloom   Asteraceae
  Common Cornflowe   Asteraceae
  Tower of Jewels   Boraginaceae
  Pride of Madeira   Boraginaceae
  Wild radish   Brassicaceae
  Woad   Brassicaceae
  Earth Star   Bromeliaceae
  Peach-leaved Bel   Campanulaceae
  Peach-leaved Bel   Campanulaceae
  White Mexican Ro   Crassulaceae
  Houseleek   Crassulaceae
  Hen and Chicks F   Crassulaceae
  Sego Palm   Cycadaceae
  Redstem Filaree   Geraniaceae
  Fragrant Evening   Onagraceae
  Evening Primrose   Onagraceae
  Miner's Lettuce:   Portulacaceae
  Polyanthus Primr   Primulaceae
  Garden Strawberr   Rosaceae
  Bergenia   Saxifragaceae
  Common Mullein   Scrophulariaceae
  Moth Mullein   Scrophulariaceae
  Mandrake   Solanaceae
  Mandragora Turco   SOLANACEAE

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