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An elongated mound of flowers. A spike is an indeterminate inflorescence in which the flowers are attached directly to a common stem, not flower with individual stalks arising from the stem. The gladiolus produces spikes. The spikes of grasses such as wheat or barley are called spikelets.

Pages with spike in the Description:

  Unknown Purple F  
  Tree with cream  
  Unknown spikey p  
  May Night Meadow  
  Cardinal Flower  
  Purple/White Flo  
  Evening Primrose   Onagraceae
  Red Shrimp Plant   Acanthaceae
  Acanthus, Bear's   Acanthaceae
  Acanthus, Bear's   Acanthaceae
  Adam's Needle   Agavaceae
  Aloe Vera - Barb   Aloaceae
  Aloe juvenna   Aloaceae
  Fynbos Aloe   Aloaceae
  Celosia   Amaranthaceae
  Anthurium   Araceae
  Split Leaf Philo   Araceae
  Blazing Stars   Asteraceae
  Purple/White Ast   Asteraceae
  Coneflower   Asteraceae
  Tower of Jewels   Boraginaceae
  Pachysandra   Buxaceae
  Cardinal Flower   Campanulaceae
  Lobelia (siphili   Campanulaceae
  Rocky Mountain B   Capparaceae
  Lambsquarters   Chenopodiaceae
  Hen and Chicks F   Crassulaceae
  Horsetail   Equisetaceae
  Crimson Clover   Fabaceae
  Yellow Sweet Clo   Fabaceae
  Crimson Clover   Fabaceae
  Lupine   Fabaceae
  Sweet Gum   Hamamelidaceae
  Red Buckeye   Hippocastanaceae
  Gladiolus   Iridaceae
  Gladiolus   Iridaceae
  Lambs Ears Plant   Lamiaceae
  Grape like bud s   Lamiaceae
  Horsemint, Nettl   Lamiaceae
  Sweet Marjoram   Lamiaceae
  Sweet Basil   Lamiaceae
  Hyacinth   Liliaceae
  Purple Loosestri   Lythraceae
  Purple Loosestri   Lythraceae
  Scarlet Globemal   Malvaceae
  Common Evening P   Onagraceae
  Black Pepper   Piperaceae
  Foxglove   Plantaginaceae Juss formerly in Scrophulariaceae
  Sweet Grass   Poaceae
  Sorghum   Poaceae
  Common Wheat   Poaceae
  Barley   Poaceae
  Lady’s Thumb   Polygonaceae
  Pickerel Weed   Pontederiaceae
  Weld   Resedaceae
  Common Mullein   Scrophulariaceae
  Moth Mullein   Scrophulariaceae
  Rocky Mountain P   Scrophulariaceae
  Angel Face   Scrophulariaceae
  Cattail   Typhaceae
  Ginger   Zingiberaceae

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