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Stalk, a plant stem or structure resembling a plant stem, which can include a pedicel, peduncle, petiolule, petiole or various other structures

Pages with stalk in the Description:

  small pink/white  
  Smaller white bl  
  3-4' tall, sturd  
  purple and yello  
  Unknown spikey p  
  12-14" high  
  Unknown Tubor wi  
  African Lily  
  Unknown Plant  
  Broad Green Leav  
  African Lily  
  Common Chicory  
  Foxtail Agave   Agavaceae
  Mescal   Agavaceae
  Yucca   Agavaceae
  Aloe   Aloaceae
  Love-lies-bleedi   Amaranthaceae
  Society Garlic   Amaryllidaceae
  Red Hurricane Li   Amaryllidaceae
  Queen Anne's Lac   Apiaceae
  Queen Anne's Lac   Apiaceae
  Dropwort   Apiaceae
  Dragon Arum   Araceae
  Common Milkweed   Asclepiadaceae
  Skeleton-leaf Go   Asteraceae
  Mayweed Chamomil   Asteraceae
  Common Knapweed   Asteraceae
  Feverfew   Asteraceae
  Ironweed   Asteraceae
  New England Aste   Asteraceae
  Impatiens Balsam   Balsaminaceae
  Pride of Madeira   Boraginaceae
  Comfrey   Boraginaceae
  Cauliflower   Brassicaceae
  Rocky Mountain B   Capparaceae
  Chickweed   Caryophyllaceae
  Swiss Chard   Chenopodiaceae
  Beets   Chenopodiaceae
  Asiatic Dayflowe   Commelinaceae
  Dogs Mercury   Euphorbiaceae
  Lupine   Fabaceae
  Sensitive Plant   Fabaceae
  Red Alsike Clove   Fabaceae
  Red Alsike Clove   Fabaceae
  White Sweet Clov   Fabaceae
  Sensitive Partri   Fabaceae
  African Violet   Gesneriaceae
  Wax Currant   Grossulariaceae
  American Witch H   Hamamelidaceae
  Bearded Iris   Iridaceae
  Siberian Iris   Iridaceae
  Blue Blood Iris   Iridaceae
  Blue Blood Iris   Iridaceae
  Heal All   Lamiaceae
  Sassafras   Lauraceae
  Rain Lily ( Zeph   liliaceae
  Onion   Liliaceae
  Summer Snowflake   Liliaceae
  Daylily   Liliaceae
  Trout Lily   Liliaceae
  Hyacinth   Liliaceae
  Yellow Pond Lily   Nymphaeaceae
  Lilac   Oleaceae
  Common Evening P   Onagraceae
  Purple Cattleya   Orchidaceae
  Pink Lady's Slip   Orchidaceae
  Corn   Poaceae
  Corn   Poaceae
  Polyanthus Primr   Primulaceae
  Tall Meadow Rue   Ranunculaceae
  Clematis   Ranunculaceae
  Columbine   Ranunculaceae
  Tall Meadow Rue   Ranunculaceae
  Lemon   Rutaceae
  Moth Mullein   Scrophulariaceae
  Culver's Root   Scrophulariaceae
  Persian Speedwel   Scrophulariaceae
  Birdseye Speedwe   Scrophulariaceae
  Blue Toadflax   Scrophulariaceae
  Bird of Paradise   Strelitziaceae
  Bird of Paradise   Strelitziaceae
  Cattail   Typhaceae
  Lantana   Verbenaceae
  Violets   Violaceae

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