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Water-retaining plants adapted to arid climate or soil conditions. Succulent plants store water in their leaves, stems and/or roots.
There are succulents in many plant families.
Succulent  Identifier Succulent

fleshy, juicy and thickened

Pages with succulent in the Description:

  Guinea-Fowl Aloe   Asphodelaceae
  Yellow Ice Plant   Aizoaceae
  Yellow Ice Plant   Aizoaceae
  Aloe   Aloaceae
  Aloe Vera - Barb   Aloaceae
  Hoya   Apocynaceae
  Hoya   Apocynaceae
  Impala Lily   Apocynaceae
  Seaside Goldenro   Asteraceae
  String of Banana   Asteraceae
  Impatiens   Balsaminaceae
  Spotted Jewelwee   Balsaminaceae
  Cauliflower   Brassicaceae
  Whipple's Fishho   Cactaceae
  Chickweed   Caryophyllaceae
  Dragon's Blood S   Crassulaceae
  Jade plant   Crassulaceae
  Aeonium arboreum   Crassulaceae
  White Mexican Ro   Crassulaceae
  Houseleek   Crassulaceae
  Kalanchoe   Crassulaceae
  Orpine Stonecrop   Crassulaceae
  Red Kalanchoe   Crassulaceae
  Red Kalanchoe   Crassulaceae
  Hen and Chicks F   Crassulaceae
  Crown of Thorns   Euphorbiaceae
  Hyacinth   Liliaceae
  Pickerel Weed   Pontederiaceae
  Portulaca Flower   Portulacaceae
  Portulaca Flower   Portulacaceae
  Pygmy Fameflower   Portulacaceae
  Miner's Lettuce:   Portulacaceae
  Desert Succulent   Portulacaceae
  Purslane - Verdo   Portulacaceae
  Loquat   Rosaceae
  Loquat   Rosaceae
  Mandrake   Solanaceae

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