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Water-retaining plants adapted to arid climate or soil conditions. Succulent plants store water in their leaves, stems and/or roots.
There are succulents in many plant families.
Succulent  Identifier Succulent

fleshy, juicy and thickened

Pages with succulent in the Description:

  Guinea-Fowl Aloe   Asphodelaceae
  Yellow Ice Plant   Aizoaceae
  Yellow Ice Plant   Aizoaceae
  Aloe   Aloaceae
  Aloe Vera - Barb   Aloaceae
  Hoya   Apocynaceae
  Hoya   Apocynaceae
  Impala Lily   Apocynaceae
  String of Banana   Asteraceae
  Seaside Goldenro   Asteraceae
  Impatiens   Balsaminaceae
  Spotted Jewelwee   Balsaminaceae
  Cauliflower   Brassicaceae
  Whipple's Fishho   Cactaceae
  Chickweed   Caryophyllaceae
  Orpine Stonecrop   Crassulaceae
  Red Kalanchoe   Crassulaceae
  Red Kalanchoe   Crassulaceae
  Hen and Chicks F   Crassulaceae
  Jade plant   Crassulaceae
  Dragon's Blood S   Crassulaceae
  White Mexican Ro   Crassulaceae
  Aeonium arboreum   Crassulaceae
  Kalanchoe   Crassulaceae
  Houseleek   Crassulaceae
  Crown of Thorns   Euphorbiaceae
  Hyacinth   Liliaceae
  Pickerel Weed   Pontederiaceae
  Pygmy Fameflower   Portulacaceae
  Miner's Lettuce:   Portulacaceae
  Desert Succulent   Portulacaceae
  Purslane - Verdo   Portulacaceae
  Portulaca Flower   Portulacaceae
  Portulaca Flower   Portulacaceae
  Loquat   Rosaceae
  Loquat   Rosaceae
  Mandrake   Solanaceae

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