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Weed  Identifier Weed

A weed is any plant, considered by the user, to be a nuisance, and is normally applied to unwanted plants in human-made settings, like a garden, lawn, agricultural area, parks, woods, or other natural settings. More specifically, the term is applied to describe native or non-native plants that grow and reproduce aggressively.
“A weed is any plant that you do not yet know the use for”

Pages with weed in the Description:

  small white six  
  tall green weed  
  Has 3 different  
  fern-like plant  
  3-4' tall, sturd  
  Bears Breeches (   Acanthaceae
  Snow on the Moun   Apiaceae
  Butterfly Weed   Asclepiadaceae
  Swamp Milkweed   Asclepiadaceae
  Showy Milkweed   Asclepiadaceae
  Dandelion   Asteraceae
  Cornflower   Asteraceae
  Seaside daisy   Asteraceae
  Chatham Island F   Boraginaceae
  Woad   Brassicaceae
  Chickweed   Caryophyllaceae
  Soapwort   Caryophyllaceae
  Feild Bindweed   Convolvulaceae
  Horsetail   Equisetaceae
  Leafy Spurge - E   Euphorbiaceae
  Purple Deadnettl   Lamiaceae
  Star-of-Bethlehe   Liliaceae
  Scarlet Rose Mal   Malvaceae
  Speedwell ('St.   Plantaginaceae
  Lady’s Thumb   Polygonaceae
  Pickerel Weed   Pontederiaceae
  Purslane - Verdo   Portulacaceae
  Meadow Buttercup   Ranunculaceae
  Fairy Fan (Scaev   Scaevola
  Yellow Toadflax   Scrophulariaceae

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