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Naming your image files
Download your images to the computer
This is a general and simple method to transfer your image files. However, this is only one way, there are many other options.

Create a folder called "Garden Sep-6-09", (with the proper date) on your desktop. Connect the USB cable to the computer and to your camera. Turn the camera on.
If a question box pops up on your camera screen, Select that you want to connect to your PC.

On your computer, a window or dialog box should pop up telling you that there is an external device or something like that.
Select "View Folder Contents" or similar option.

Open the folders until you find your images, which will be J-PEG image files (If you can see the file extension, these files will have a .JPG on the end of them), then drag and drop them into your "Garden Sep-6-09" folder. They should start to copy.

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