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How to take a Focused Digital Image
A blurry picture will make identification almost impossible. With most digital cameras these days, to focus the camera takes a moment. If you hold the camera button down half way, it will focus the shot. If it's focused on the wrong thing, you can then let go and try again until you have the subject in focus. Then you push the button down the rest of the way. Some cameras use longitudinal lines to focus. Some cameras have a hard time focusing into the sunset on the ocean, because there are no longitudinal lines, just horizontal ones.

If you are holding the camera in your hands, try to lean against something or find a way to easily keep your hands from moving. Usually, you will be taking pictures of plants and things low to the ground. Do yourself a favor and squat down next to the subject, or sit Indian style, don't stand bent over or in an awkward position. You will force the shot, and hurt your back at the same time. Relax and be comfortable taking pictures.

After you download the images from your camera, you can fix the Levels with image editing programs. Making a dark image normal.

Turning down the exposure will always make an image more focused, however doing this too late at night can create an image to dark for recovery.

Another word about exposure, most cameras are set with the exposure too high, turning this down to -3 or -7 will usually make your images much deeper and much less likely to be "blown out".

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