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Rules of Digital Photography

Taking Great Pictures

Choosing a
Digital Camera


Macro Zoom

Downloading Images



Naming your image files
How to Identify a Plant, Fungus, or other Creature.
Take some specimen pictures

Plants: Mushrooms:
Entire plant from the side, low to the ground.
Closeups of a single leaves with no shadows on it
Closeups of flowers
Closeups of seeds
Closeups of fruits
Closeups of roots (If available)
Closeup of the top
Closeup of the side
Closeup of the gills
Closeup of the spores on paper (Magnifying glass)

After uploading your images to a page, edit the page title, change the title to something that has 3-6 words and is descriptive. Click the "Unknown/Not Sure" checkbox. Maybe someone will know right away, but don't count on it.

Go to images.google.com, type in the very most simple description that you can think of that would describe your specimen. Look through 4-10 pages, then try a different search. If the plant reminds you of another plant, find the Family and Genus names of the plant you know by typing in "Strawberry Family Genus" into google.com. Or sometimes you can go to Wikipedia and type the name of the plant you know and it will bring up a page with the Family and Genus on the right hand side of the screen.

Once you have the Family and Genus, type just the Genus name into images.google.com, look through 3-10 pages, if no luck, type in the Family name and look through 3-10 pages.

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