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To Take a Close-up Shot
On every digital camera made (within the last 5 years or so), comes with the ability to "Macro-zoom" up on small objects. This enables the digital photographer to simulate expensive macro lenses with amazing results. The icon for this function is universally a 3 petalled flower with 2 leaves. Use the technique above to focus your close-ups. You will need to be within the lenses ability, usually no closer than about 2-3 inches. If the camera won't focus on the subject, it's usually because it is focusing on something else. When you take pictures of little tiny objects that are far away from the background (i.e. little spiders in webs), the camera usually focuses on the background.

To solve this, put your finger or other larger object at the same distance as the subject, click the camera button half way down to focus, then once focused, remove the finger or object out of the scene and click all the way down, at this moment, trying to not move at all. Hold the button down and the camera still until your camera is done taking the image. This can take a few moments longer depending on light.

Use an actual magnifying glass to double your macro-zoom. Set your camera to Macro-Zoom, then place the magnifying glass very close to your lens. Then move both the camera and the magnifying glass together to within about 6-8 inches from the subject. Click the camera button halfway down, if it focuses, click it all the way down and hold the camera still. If it doesn't focus move it closer and try again.

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