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Rules of Digital Photography

Taking Great Pictures

Choosing a
Digital Camera


Macro Zoom

Downloading Images



Naming your image files

Selecting your images
Create another folder called "Best Pictures sep-6-09" etc. where you will put your favorites from the batch of images you've just downloaded onto your computer from your camera. You should always keep a backup of the originals. Once you have the "favorite" folder created and opened, open your original image folder next to it, so you can see the contents of both as you start to COPY files from the original into your favorites.

Now you need to have an easy way to view your images. There are many programs that do this. Windows comes with an image viewer and can be accessed by clicking the right mouse button on an image file and selecting "Preview".

Look for images that are focused and well lit. Images that accurately describe the subject. Remember to always take many pictures, so that you have a few to choose from. Try to showcase as many different views as possible, leaving very few duplicate angles and lighting schemes.

Make sure you COPY the files and not MOVE the files, otherwise you will have no back-up, and when LIFE Magazine calls you for your million- dollar deal, you won't have the original image to sell them (The other image with be sized down).

In Windows: If you click on the image once with the left mouse button, then hold down the right mouse button over the image, you can drag it into another folder, a little menu should pop up where you can select "Copy". The file will then be copied to it's new location.

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