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Purple-spored puffball
Lycoperdaceae Calvatia cyathiformis
Location: This was found in my backyard, back in 2008, it has never been here since?!?

Found widespread in eastern North America and the Great Plains

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Purple-spored puffball
Lycoperdaceae Family
Calvatia Genus

This got rather large. When my dog got ahold of it it was dark, almost black inside.

Description: Fruiting Body: 5-20 cm high and/or broad; round or flattened when young; becoming pear-shaped or round with a flattened top and narrowed base; white, tan or pinkish gray to light brown; smooth, the skin cracking and flaking with age; sterile base prominent, chambered, white to dingy yellow or darker, persisting as a deep purplish to purple-brown cuplike structure after the spores have dispersed; flesh white and firm when young, becoming yellowish, then brownish and finally dull purple and powdery.
Food Uses:A choice edible mushroom
To make a meal from most mushrooms, you probably hope to find at least a half dozen to a dozen, depending on the size. The large Calvatia species are special, because one or two at the most will probably be sufficient for a dinner for two.
While this puffball does not have a strong flavor of its own, it is still quite good, and its ability to absorb flavors makes it a rewarding find.
Other Uses: Calvatia cyathiformis will yield a rust red color for dyeing

A little further along, and the surface is feeling leathery

It is beginning to look like a brain

Fungus Beginnings
This is how it looked when it started

Comment: Purple-spored puffball

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June 01, 2010
I never opened a young one, and kept the dogs away from them so I could watch their development....if it comes back I will check a young one out! Thanks

June 01, 2010
It sounds like a Puffball. The young ones should be solid white on the inside, where the older ones get very dark on the inside.

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