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Flower identify Flower identify
Flower identify
I would like to send a photo of a flower I have and perhaps someone could identify it for me.
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September 13, 2016
Funnel Capped Mushroom? Funnel Capped Mushroom?
I found this pale peach mushroom in interior Alaska amongst birch trees in semi shady conditions growing through dead leaves in late July. Cap is somewhat funnel shaped and curls under at edges and covers gills in young, but opens on maturity. Shaft is thick and smooth. They are alone or in small groups less than five. Do you know what it is and whether or not it is edible? They are prolific in my yard.
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July 31, 2016
What is this beautifully scented windmill looking flower? What is this beautifully scented windmill looking flower?
What is this beautifully scented windmill looking flower?
I've been looking for gardenias for so long now with no luck. I was walking my dog this evening and I was overcome by a beautiful scent that came from the plant or flower. It reminds me of the way gardenias smell but I don't remember them looking like this. I thought gardenias were a little bigger than these small blooms. The petals on this flower are only about a half inch and anywhere between an 1/8 of an inch to a 1/4 of an inch in width. These remind me of a windmill. Does anyone know what this plant or flower is?
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May 05, 2016
spores spores
I have a croton plant that has something growing on the leaves it has a white stem like section that is attached to the leaf and a black top and it has completely covered the leaf. I have no idea what it is
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March 28, 2016
bugs? bugs?
Cis Kemp
I have a 'creeping Charlie house plant' and the leaves are curling under. What can I do?

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February 12, 2016
How do I add a photo to the fungus page? How do I add a photo to the fungus page?
How do I add a photo to the fungus page?
How do I add a photo of a fungus to your site. I saw where to do it, then realized I had to belong, so signed up, now instead of \\\"photo\\\" the site says \\\"video.\\\"

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October 03, 2015
Help Identifying a Flower Help Identifying a Flower
Help Identifying a Flower
Looking for someone to help me identify a flower. It is growing in pots on my boyfriend's front porch, but he does not know its name. Low growing, so probably ground cover, plump spiky leaves, multi-colored flowers with broad petals that close at night.
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July 03, 2015
small white and blue flower small white and blue flower
small white and blue flower
I had a flower given to me and I have no idea what it is. The stems are like an air fern the blooms have 3 white petals on one side and the base is a light blue. It is dying and I don't know what to do for it because I do not know what it is. Please help!
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June 14, 2015
Use of Photo Use of Photo
Marjorie Stansel
Can I use the photo of Amaranth in a presentation on edible weeds and in a blurb in a newsletter?

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April 30, 2015
I have a photo of a flower which I need name for, the person who gave me said it has a prefix "cape" with it but I feel it is a figwort family. Can I post the snap for identification?
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March 31, 2015
Yes, if you click the Add tab at the top, then fill out as much info as you know, then click save, then you can upload an image.
can I post a picture of a flower for Identification ?
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October 25, 2014
Help identifying a flower Help identifying a flower
Help identifying a flower
I would like help identifying a flower, please. Tall, sturdy reddish stalks, quite large pink flowers, similar in shape to "touch-me-not" or jewelweed. The seed pods pop/spin open when they are touched and small black peppercorn sized seeds spray in every direction.
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October 20, 2014
Funny looking mushroom Funny looking mushroom
Funny looking mushroom
What kind of mushroom is this?
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October 14, 2014
funky mushroom! funky mushroom!
This mushroom is in my front yard and its pretty big. Round top that has a rusty red like color.
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September 26, 2014
identify hanging basket plant identify hanging basket plant
identify hanging basket plant
if someone can help me identify this plant. i see it everyday when i go form my walk and it is magnificent. They keep them in hanging baskets.
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September 19, 2014
Fungi identification Fungi identification
I found fungus with red stem and the tops look like they were dipped in milk chocolate shiny milk chocolate and the brushes off easily so it is just a coating on the fungus want to know what it is?
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September 18, 2014
Sounds like a Stinkhorn Mushroom.
If I submit a flower for identification, how are responses/answers posted?
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September 16, 2014
Can you cancel membership please joined in error. Request help as to how to cancel ?
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July 19, 2014
Your membership has been cancelled.
Plant recognition. Plant recognition.
Peter Dawson
How do I send a photograph of a flower so you can identify it please ?
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July 18, 2014
You'll have to join the site, then click "Add" healthyhomegardening.com image_size_info.php?m1=12
Mango Plant Mango Plant
Mango Plant
How can i save my new 20days old mango plants indoor pot ?
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July 14, 2014
flower flower
what kind of flower is this---thank you
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July 03, 2014
flower flower
just joined--how do i add a picture so i can find out what kind of flower this is---thank you
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July 03, 2014
Identify fungus on stem of elderberry? Identify fungus on stem of elderberry?
I have a strange pale orange fungus(?) growing on the stems of my all my elderberry.
It starts growing where a leaflet branches off of a stem, and then goes off on its own - sort of long/cylindrical/free-form.
The largest is about the size/diameter/shape of a thumb.
Surface is smooth, pocked with tiny orange circles, background is actually very light pale green, but overall appearance of the color is

like orange sherbet.
If you snap them, they are crisp. Pale green/juicy inside, like a... green apple or something.
I have photos, but not sure how to attach.
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June 26, 2014
What kind of fungus looks like a goblet and big. What kind of fungus looks like a goblet and big.
Can you identify this?
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June 22, 2014
Help. Unidentified fungus in chicken coop. Help. Unidentified fungus in chicken coop.
Help. Unidentified fungus in chicken coop.
Help. Can someone please identify this fungus? I found it growing under my chickens lay box. Soaked it in vinegar and when I returned to the coop, it was gone. Think my chickens ate it. Is it dangerous? Are the eggs now dangerous? It had a velvet look to it, was black and flowered out/up. From the middle protruded a long white ribbon which was much longer than the black base. I have a picture but don't know how to upload it here. I am concerned.
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June 08, 2014
Slimey sun star Slimey sun star
I just bought a sun star and 2 days ago there were full blooms on the ground around it. I reached down to touch it and the rest of that stems blooms fell off. I noticed that they were slimey. Today the same thin has happened. what causes this and hoe do I fix it
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May 09, 2014
flower ID flower ID
flower ID
Can you confirm this flower belongs to the St Johns Wort plant? The centers of the flowers don't look exactly the same.
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May 04, 2014
Flower ID Flower ID
D. Marshall
Is this flower the same as the St. John's Wort flower? Are there different varieties of St. John's Wort? To me, the flower's centers in the pictures don't match.

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May 04, 2014
Help with Pink, Four Petal Flower? Help with Pink, Four Petal Flower?
Help with Pink, Four Petal Flower?
Hi, I tried to use the flower identification to figure out exactly what this is, but I am at a loss. It stands at about 36 inches tall and the leaves are a lot like an iris.
These are growing in the yard next door to me. My neighbor moved out and the owner of the house said it is fine to get any of the flowers since no one is there to take care of them. I really love these and weeds are starting to take over, so I want to find out whatever I can before grabbing them. They seem to be very hardy as we had one of our coldest winters and there was no one taking care of anything in the yard.

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April 22, 2014
red flower red flower
red flower
I have been desperately trying to identify this flower..I can use all the help I can get!
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April 17, 2014
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