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i have tried twice to register on your site but i am not getting an activation e-mail from you.
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June 21, 2011
Check your 'junk' folder for the activation email
What is this? Weed? Flower? What is this? Weed? Flower?
What is this? Weed? Flower?
What is this? I have a huge area growing in my flower bed, they started in the Spring as two littleround leaves I thought they were something I planted but I see no flowers coming so just wondering if they are weeds?

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June 20, 2011
All dicots start with two little round leaves. If you can take a close-up of the plants, I will do my best to identify it for you.
flower disease flower disease
Kathy Snell
My black eyed susan's were coming up fine then all of sudden the leaves starting getting clumps of black spots on them and with a reddish orange bump in the center of the black spots. I don't see any bugs on the leaves, and the flowers are getting ready to open. Could this be a fungus? any idea on what we can use to get rid of it? thanks Kathy Snell
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June 19, 2011
That is most likely a fungus. I would try to keep the area a littler drier, then possible spray some fungicide on it.
month to prune euonymus month to prune euonymus
We have many dark green leaf euonymus plants that are mature 20 year old shrubs, they have been pruned on a regular basis for years but have,over the years, grown too tall and have hard wood that needs to be cut back before they can be pruned to the desired height each year, We live in Panama City, FL and need to know the best month to do the severe pruning.
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June 17, 2011
leaf discoloration leaf discoloration
Lisa Durdan
I have 3 Royal Standard Hostas planted on the north side of my deck. Every year they seem to get large areas of small rust-colored spots on allleaves, new and old. I've tried fungicides, baking soda water sprays and nothing seems to get rid of the spots. I have 11 different varieties of Hosta and this type is the only one that seems to be affected by this discoloration or disease. Any idea what or why this could be happening?
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June 14, 2011
They might not be getting enough sun, or maybe those specific plants are sensitive to the soil pH.
Seeds Seeds
when should I dead head Tick Seed and can I use the seeds to start plants in pots to transplant?
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June 12, 2011
You can clip them when they start to wilt, but if you want it to go to seed, then you'll want to let them dry before clipping. Some types need to stay dry for months, other might need to freeze before the seed becomes viable.
flower identification request. flower identification request.



The 3 links above are to my FB photos of the flower I'd like to have ID'd. It sort of looks like a primerose but the stem is more tubular and doesn't fit other primeroses I have seen.

I hope the linking works.

TXS in advance
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June 09, 2011
I do have a facebook and I'm logged in, but I'm getting a "This content is currently unavailable" message.
I'd like to help, but I don't have a facebook. If you'd like, you can upload them to this site, or anywhere that I can see them.
How do I paste an image from my pages for other members to see?
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June 09, 2011
Where would you like to paste it? I can see the diagram on one of your pages. It looks like a Spring Snowflake Flower.
Chris Bohn
Tried to join but didn't receive activation link in my e-mail?
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June 09, 2011
Sometimes it takes a while, sometimes the email server blocks it. I'll forward this to tech support. If you don't get the email let me or them know and they'll activate it for you.
Chris Bohn
Plant has a lily-like leaf with tiny bell-shaped flowers pendant, attached underneath the leaf in a straight row. A friend called it False something or other. Any ideas?
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June 09, 2011
Sounds like a relative of the Spring Snowflake. If not, upload an image, and I'll do my best.
  Spring Snowflake Flower Spring Snowflake Flower
Spring Snowflake Flower
These flowers are usually some of the first to bloom in spring, and can even bloom all winter long out of the snow. The Spring Snowflake is a white monocot flower with tinges of green near the tips o

Canadian Horseweed Canadian Horseweed
Jan Goehringer
I have the Canadian Horseweed in my flowerbed and I don't know how to get rid of it do you have any solutions - PLEASE.
Thank you.
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June 05, 2011
I'm not familiar with Canadian Horseweed, but the horseweed here, is one of the easiest weeds to pull up.
Saliva looking substance at base of perenniels Saliva looking substance at base of perenniels
It looks like saliva at the base of some of my perenniels. Is this some type of insect and what should I do? We have had alot of rain lately so I was wondering if this could have cause it.
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May 29, 2011
Sounds like a Spittlebug.
  Spittlebug Spittlebug
Not sure. Dogwood Spittlebug nymph ( Clastoptera cf proteus) spit bug - Lepyronia gibbosa eastern spit bug Lepyronia quadrangularis Lepyronia angulifera Froghopper or spit bug Philaenus spumaius.

Pruning Pruning
Marilyn Peters
When would be the best time to prune a cotoneaster. We live in the Okanagan, B.C.
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May 28, 2011
greenhouse fungus? greenhouse fungus?
Louise Miller
In our new greenhouse we have a mold(?) that begins looking and feeling rather like tar, then grows root like things that look like the raffia that one uses to wrap gifts. It begins in the dirt or side of the pot and spreads to the leaves of plants. I thought it might have come in on the only pot that wasn't purchased new. It is spreading all over the greenhouse but seems to jump around without any kind of pattern. It has shown up in dirt without any plants planted. I've removed pots, dirt and affected plants, cleaned small areas of pots or planters of the "tar" with chlorox wipes and then watered with soapy water. That seems to solve the problem until it pops up again someplace else. Any ideas? Thanks
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May 22, 2011
Could it be slime mold? If so, it shouldn't be a problem, it will go away soon. google.com search?q=slime+mold
primroses primroses
Hello-I purchased English primroses from Roberta's-about 2 weeks ago or so-they look very droopy-is that mean they are dead or is there hope for them coming back??? I am doing everything the brochure tells me to do-I really had high hopes for them to grow especially a perennial so I don't have to re-plant every season-can someone please answer me soon!! Thanks so much!!!
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May 08, 2011
tree problems tree problems
kirsty dixon
i have recently got a peach bush and a cherry tree and on both the leaves have curled and seem to have red blisters on them, is this harmful to the tree in any way and if so is there anything i can do
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April 27, 2011
www.ehow.com how_5756708_identify-red-blisters-leaves.html When you see red blisters on your leaves it is probably caused by an insect or fungus. A wide variety of trees, bushes, shrubs and other perennials can be affected. Although the red blisters may be unattractive there is usually no cause for alarm. This condition is usually called leaf or insect gall but on certain trees the condition may be called another name. If a pear tree is infected it is called pear leaf blister mite. It is
Types of flowers & shrubs Types of flowers & shrubs
Marilyn Peters
We originally haf a hot tub on a concrete patio in the Central Okanagan. We sold the tub and had 16\" gravel put in the wole and 8\" of soil on top of that. It faced the east and there are 2 flowering Large shrubs on the south side of the space. Could you please tell me what kind of flowers I could plant in this area - it is approx. 8' x 8'. Last year I planted red and white geraniums, red and white impatiens, 3 ferms and 6 miniature rose bushes. 2 of the 3 ferns died and the roses survived the winter, the geraniums and impatiens did well. This area does not get a lot of light as it is next to the house.

Also can azaleas, forthysia and hydrangeas be planted in pots and should they be in sunny areas?

I would certainly appreciate any advice you can give me.


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April 26, 2011
strange plant envading my flowers strange plant envading my flowers
I have these little plants that are sprouting around some of my veggies,around flowers in bed,and in pots. It looks like strands of root stems with a single leaf and at the end,some of them have what resembles a empty sunflower seed shell. What is this? They also have large root ball that has obviously grown extremely fast considering I just planted alot of the plants they are growing under or around.
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April 22, 2011
Sounds interesting... Do you have any image that you can upload? I'd love to find out what it is...
mint infestation mint infestation
marjorie footitt
My mint has developed bright yellow spots on the stems, very closely clustered and covering most of the stems. When touched it gives off a yellow powder that looks like pollen. Can you identify this and if possible suggest a natural/organic treatment please?
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April 18, 2011
If you could upload a clear closeup I'll probably be able to tell you what it is. It sounds like a type of fungus, which usually means too much water.
Most petals on a flower Most petals on a flower
What flower has the most petals of any flower, and how many petals does it have?
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April 16, 2011
bark peeling off pear tree bark peeling off pear tree
Gail Souligny
I have a fruiting peach tree that is 12yrs old and i have noticed the last two years the bark has peeled off in large chunks exposing a very smooth and hard under surface looking nothing like bark but like a skinned onion
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April 12, 2011
control control
how can you treat star of bethlehem in turf grass
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April 10, 2011
What is this brown ball with orange long looking pimentos growing out of it? What is this brown ball with orange long looking pimentos growing out of it?
What is this brown ball with orange long looking pimentos growing out of it?
I'm outside everyday birdwatching in my backyard. I've never noticed these dark balls hanging from the tree with jell like tinnacles that are orange. I don't know if they have grown there or attached themselves there. I would of noticed them before in the backyard. There was nothing orange in that tree before. The tinnacles are like long pimentos in a jar around the balls. We had bad weather today. Blew down trees, and etc. It was after the storm I noticed the two balls in the tree in the back yard. Again, I look at that tree everyday for hummingbirds and other birds, and I would of noticed them. There was one these balls on the ground. I got two sticks and tried to pick it up, and the orange tinnacles tore like pimentos in a jar. Same type consistancy. The tinnacles came out spaced evenly all around the ball, with same length tinnacles. Is this something that blew out of the bad weather or a fugus that put out the orange pimento looking tinnacles after the rain? I'm perplexed. They are scary looking. I don't live near the ocean, but it looks as if it came from inside the ocean. I have photos, but do not know how to post them on this site. If anyone can help me figure out what these things are, please do so. They are strange looking to say the least. Thanks, Sandy
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April 04, 2011
My research pulls up cedar-apple rust. The photo looks the same as what was on the tree. The tinnacles didn't last long with color. I didn't get a close look to see if they fell off, but from a distant view I didn't see the orange anymore the second day.
Is is something like this?
  round orange/not sure if its a fungus round orange/not sure if its a fungus
round orange/not sure if its a fungus
its orange in color and is round in shape, came up after some heavy rains, rubbery to the touch and when the pod/fungus is popped it has thick orange liquid inside,.

To post images, log in, then click the orange + sign on the tab on the top left. Then give your page a name, scroll down, click save. Then you will go to a page that will ask you to find an image to upload. After you upload an image, you can use the same form to upload another to the same page. Let me know if you have any problems.
It could be many things from, fungus to slime mold to a parasite. Could you upload some pictures of it? I will try my best :)
Lavander disease Lavander disease
Lavander disease
I have three year old Lavander plants. Some of them have contracted a disease, one plant has died. It starts with a few branches wilting. The leaves dry up and die. It eventually spreads to to the whole plant. Cant see anything obvious, except that there is a black deposit on the leaves that looks like soot or dirt. Have tried to spray Aphicide on a recommendation, but does not help. Please help. What can I do to save my plants.
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April 03, 2011
It sounds like Blight. en.wikipedia.org wiki Blight
Which vine? Which vine?
Dwayne Sanburn
I read your pages on vines but there were so many choices that I am more confused than ever.
I need a super fast growing tough vine that will be green in October. I am in Louisiana. The soil is horrible where I need to plant. The concrete wall I am covering has areas of both direct sunlight and shade.
Hope you can help and thanks in advance.
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March 30, 2011
Purplish Black Poodle Purplish Black Poodle
I'm trying to identify this plant or flower (from the looks of the stem it looks like a plant). My friend lives in California and she is not sure if it is native to California or not. Your help would be appreciated.
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March 19, 2011
MrFlores---Thank you so much for helping me identify this plant. :) They are so beautiful!
Purple Crest Aeonium, Black Tree Aeonium, Black Pinwheel images.google.com images?q=Aeonium arboreum 'Zwartkop'
healthyhomegardening.com Unidentified.php?m1=7
Hi Jenn, I would love to help but, I don't have facebook :( If you could, it would work better if you could upload an image here. Thanks
HELP! PLease identify this for me! HELP!     PLease identify this for me!
HELP!     PLease identify this for me!
Please help if you know the answer to this! I cannot find this in any nursery nor can I find anybody that knows the name of this bush! It has the following characteristics: YELLOW TRUMPET-SHAPED FLOWERS....GREEN STEMS AND LEAVES..STEMS FLOW OVER IN A WEEPING FASHION MAKING CASCADES OF YELLOW FLOWERS..ITS BLOOMING RIGHT NOW(MARCH)HERE IN THE CENTRAL GEORGIA AREA...THE FLOWERS ARE FRAGRANT...RESEMBLES A JASMINE AND MIGHT INDEED BE A KIND OF JASMINE BUT I CANNOT FIND OUT WHICH KIND OR THE NAME OF IT. I see them planted and growing everywhere around here so I know this is a simple thing that just wants to drive me nuts!!Please let me know if you are knowedgeable about this bush/shrub..I really really want one but don't know what to ask for and nobody in any nursery I've asked about it has any idea what it is called...Annaviola
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March 17, 2011
Could be a type of Campsis radicans images.google.com images?q=Campsis+radicans If you can upload some pictures of the flowers, leaves and entire plant, we can probably tell you what it is.
Tree or shrub Tree or shrub
Tree or shrub
i saw a Rhaphiolepis Pink Lady at Longwood gardens and it was a tree. I can only find it in the shrub. do you know where I can get the tree or if it is one or if they trained it like a tree.

anne o'brien
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March 06, 2011
Normally they are shrubs, if you tie it up and wait for a few years, it can be trained to stand higher.
susan van welie
what does the seed of impala lily look like
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February 20, 2011
Kind of like a dandelion seed www.flickr.com photos oom_piet 4937096201
fern sporophytes have underground stem called rhizomes.how do you distinguish that rhizomes are stem and not root?
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February 19, 2011
I am not exactly sure what your question is but hopefully this answers it. A sporophyte is found on the under side of a fern leaf and produces spores which fly through the air to create a new plant elsewhere. A rhizome is found underground and is part of the root system. Rhizomes are usually bulbous and fleshy. Roots are thin and stringy.
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