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I have a cyclamen and it has developed a sticky substance on its leaves. Please advise how do I treat this?
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February 11, 2011
We'll probably need to know what it is, do you have any images? It could be spit bugs.
Mystery Flower Mystery Flower
I am trying to figure out what the peach colored dahlia/rose like flowers were growing on the vine like shrub on the N side of the house I grew up in. I have never seen them again. I believe they were fragrant as well. Bunches of flowers with very fluffy small heads (1-1.5") growing in abundance! Please advise if you can. Thanks.
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February 07, 2011
It could be many different plants. Could it be a Hydrangea maybe?
How do you refer people? How do you refer people?
How do you refer people?
Do you use a referral link? How do you earn point by referring?
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January 29, 2011
If you click the "More" tab and then the "Tell a Friend" tab, there will be a page with an input box, if you put in their emails, and they sign up, you get a percentage of all the points that they get. You can check their status in your member home page under the "My Referrals" Tab.
Mystery Plant Mystery Plant
Does anyone know the name of this plant?


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December 23, 2010
Not 100% sure, Could be a type of Sonchus. It's definitely in the Asteraceae Family
sign up help sign up help
I too have not received a confrimation email can you resend or confirm for me???
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December 14, 2010
I got no email with authorization code. Checked spam box, trash & inbox. Can it be re-sent?

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November 22, 2010
Hi, Your account has been activated, if you still have your username and password, you can log in. Thanks! (Hopefully you'll get this email)
Flower Flower
Hi there! I picked up a flower and I'm very keen to know what it is... I can't find it on your list, maybe you can help?

Here is the flower! http://syra-syra.deviantart.com/art/Pretty-Flower-OWO-186247907

Thanks :)

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November 15, 2010
Hi Sirina, It looks like a Mountain Laurel. Kalima latifolia
  Mountain Laurel Mountain Laurel
Mountain Laurel

images.google.com images?q=Kalima+latifolia Thanks to
Unidentified Fungi Unidentified Fungi
Unidentified Fungi
Can anyone identify this fungi? It was discovered 3 days after a long hard rain in a fertilized lawn under a banana tree. Caps are uniform in color (dark brown) in large groups (12" dia). I have posted a photo of a few that were picked and washed. There are several groups and I would like to know if they are edible. I am not able to identify with any reliable resources.
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November 09, 2010
Underground mushrooms Underground mushrooms
When harvesting onions in our garden we found some mushrooms underground they were about 1" in diameter and white. There were many of them and we dig them all out but didn't get a picture of them. We live in northern new jersey. Any ideas?
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November 06, 2010
I'm very much the novice, but could they possibly be truffles? I've only seen truffles once, but the ones I think I saw were somewhat like you describe.
Yes, they were small and round like balls.
Were they shaped like balls?
They were white and round about 1\" in diameter. No gills. There were about 80 of them.
Were they round? did they have gills? how many of them were there?
Squalene Squalene
Alex Neo
I'm sourcing for Squalene from Amaranth. Are you able to extract it and supply ? Please advise. Thank you.
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November 01, 2010
please identify this plant please identify this plant
please identify this plant
What is the name of this blue flowering plant?
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October 30, 2010
pruning cottonwood shrubs pruning cottonwood shrubs
How and when do you prune a 2 yr old cottonwood shrub?
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October 13, 2010
What disease or fungus looks like spider webs? What disease or fungus looks like spider webs?
There is spider like web on bushes, shrubs, outdoor plants. Again, it looks like spider webs but don't go away and it won't go away if

you try to cut or spray w/ water. It spreads

throughout the entire yard. What is this and what do I do to stop it?
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October 10, 2010
what disease that looks like cotton on underside of leaves?
It may be the webs of the Fall webworm. Can you post a picture?
Send me seeds please Send me seeds please
Send me seeds please
Im lokking for Blue Morning Glory Seeds.

Im from Israel

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October 04, 2010
To grow?
Orange-Pink flowers, resembles growth style 'Dianthus Pink'. Orange-Pink flowers, resembles growth style 'Dianthus Pink'.
Orange-Pink flowers, resembles growth style 'Dianthus Pink'.
I am trying to identify a plant that, to me, looks somewhat like a 'Dianthus Pink'.
I posted on my profile (along with photos), but I really meant to post here! :)

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October 03, 2010
Basil Plant Disease Basil Plant Disease
My Basil plant has white sticky cotton like spots on it
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October 02, 2010
This is a kind of insect called a “scale insect,” named because they secrete a waxy covering (that powdery white stuff) that they then hide under and feed on plants…hence they look like scales on a plant. This kind is also known as a “mealybug.” The scientific name of the family for this particular guy is Pseudococcidae. These are pretty common pests. If you don’t have too large an infestation, you can actually control them mechanically (*squish*). Some people also try dabbing running alcohol on
need to know need to know
i have a tree plant that someone gave to me i need to know how to take care of it. it almost has like hard round green stems and the leaves come off a brownish red stem and there are 5 leaves at the end of the stem
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September 29, 2010
If you could upload some images, we will have a better chance of identifying it.
Hi Sue, It could be many plants... The first one that comes to mind is the Chinese Money Tree. Pachira aquatica images.google.com images?q=Pachira+aquatica
plant type name  plant type name
grows to 3 meters tall leaves fold in on itself looks a p*ssy willow plant/tree
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September 25, 2010
unknown thorn bush unknown thorn bush
i have a plant that is growing throughout my planted areas that i cant identify. the plant is covered with thorns has large green smooth leaves and it grows a fruit that starts round and green with lighter veins in it then turns yellowish to orange. does anyone know what this is
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September 21, 2010
It sounds like it could be a type of Nightshade...
  Buffalo Bur Buffalo Bur
Buffalo Bur
AKA: Kansas Thistle and Prickly Nightshade. When mature, the main stem breaks near the ground and the plant rolls like a tumbleweed, widely scattering the 8500 seeds that each plant produces.

Could you upload an image?
Maintaining a Japanese gardeners work, and distinguishing weeds in Okinawa Maintaining a Japanese gardeners work, and distinguishing weeds in Okinawa
Maintaining a Japanese gardeners work, and distinguishing weeds in Okinawa
I recently moved in to a home in Okinawa that was owned by a Japanese gardener. He left a good amount of his plants, shrubs, and a few trees behind when he moved. I really want to keep up the appearance of what he left, and I would like to start planting some herbs and flowers to fill in when he took with him.
The one problem I am having is I can not distinguish what is a weed and what might be something worth keeping. I'd love to get in there and clean it up, but I am hesitant.
Any advice is appreciated!
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September 21, 2010
I did the same thing here with this site. I took images of every plant in my yard, organized them into individual pages, then slowly identified them with the help of others. I wouldn't pull anything up until it is identified.
Fungus Fungus
Janet LaCava
Can you identify this fungus/mushroom? It is orange, in a bunch, growing on a tree in central Maine. It is a bunch of sort of round ones, all bunched together like a bouquet. I have a photo that I can send. Thanks. - Janet
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September 08, 2010
I would like to upload a photo of an unidentified, by me, fungus. Thanks.
technical support technical support
Bev Laverty
I didn't get an email to activate my account.
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August 25, 2010
Hi Bev, Do you have a different email? Sometimes Gmail will filter emails out.
Plant ID, Pacific Northwest Plant ID, Pacific Northwest
Plant ID, Pacific Northwest
Can somebody please identify this plant? I found it growing in Northwest Portland, Oregon in mid-July.
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August 21, 2010
Grasshoppers Grasshoppers
My garden has quite a few grasshoppers that are eating my split leaf philodendrum. How can I get rid of this pest?
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August 21, 2010
Domestic cats can live off of grasshoppers and other insects. Lubber grasshoppers however are toxic to just about all creatures. The best way is to remove them by hand. A large sheet or quilt can be used to round them up in larger numbers. Make sure you wear gloves, as some Lubbers spray toxins when threatened.
Yes, we have multiple bird feeders in our yard, but I'm talking BIG grasshoppers - Lubbers and they're about 6in long!! I'm not sure a bird could handle one of these monsters.
Birds are natural predators of grasshoppers. Do you leave out multiple bird feeders?
Unknown plants Unknown plants
Unknown plants
I have some plants growing below my deck, possibly from seeds from a bird feeder, but I have no idea what they are. The leaves are deeply lobed like a watermelon leaf, it has bright yellow flowers with 5 petals and a long curved pistil, and the stems are covered with thorns. The plant is 6-8 inches in height. I am new to this website, but will try to upload some pictures.
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August 19, 2010
August flower but is a weed August flower but is a weed
I am lookinf for a weed that they call August flower that is yellow and has medicinal purposes
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August 07, 2010
I don't know that I'd call it a weed, but Calendula has medicinal properties.... maybe yarrow? Is "dandelion" too obvious? :)
Hi LaRaine, Do you have a picture of one? Where are you from?
earning points earning points
earning points
Right above my user name there is a points tally...how do i get points and what do i do with them? :)
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August 05, 2010
You have to visit the Old Oak Tree. It's under the "More" Tab. Then the "Visit Oak Tree" tab.
Compost odor control Compost odor control
We bought a house with a garden spot that is empty of plants. The soil smells horrible. Is there anything we can do to get rid of the odor? It is very near the house and smells so bad we can't sit on the porch!
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July 29, 2010
Thanks so much!
Sounds like they've put manure down that wasn't ready. I would add something alkaline to it. If you have a fireplace, you can add the ashes. Lime will help neutralize the smell. Or you can dig out another area, then bury the stinky stuff there (mix it with various other organic stuff) to turn into compost, and use it next year.
Can I save a Hemlock tree? Can I save a Hemlock tree?
I have Hemlocks trees that are destroyed by these wolly blight bugs. Does anyone know if a tree can be brought back after these bugs have destroyed 80% of the pine needles? I don't want to waste time & money if they are unsavable.
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July 29, 2010
As long as there is live wood, I would go for it! Hemlocks can withstand hard pruning; i would get a pro to do it unless you are skilled, as they are big and often have dead branches collecting at the top. you MUST make sure all your pests are gone. You can use a combo of chemicals and natural predators to remove them. I also recommend that you spray the tree with water a couple of times a week to keep the woolies off. Chem works for about three years, but I would follow the advice on this webs
Where is browse screen. I can't upload photos
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July 24, 2010
Hi ranlenmar, Sorry to hear you are having difficulties uploading. We haven't had other problems like this reported. We will try to replicate this problem, and resolve it. If we find a problem, we will fix it and let you know. Thanks HealthyHomeGardening
Gardengeek I cannot get to the browse page for some reason. I am trying this from my Droid
Hi Ranlenmar, if you log in, then go to one of your pages, there should be a link that says "Add Images" if you click that link it should open a page that has a "Browse..." button. Click "Browse..." to select a file, then click Upload.
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