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how to exterminate pill bugs how to exterminate pill bugs
what is the best way to get rid of pill bugs, i have an infestation in a hedge row
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April 20, 2010
Very unusual plant Very unusual plant
Gail Souligny
I have a plant that sprung up in my garden box last summer.It looks like a carrot on steriods. It stayed green all winter and we had below zero temps this winter. i have pictures of it and have sent them to the extension service and they can't identify it.
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April 20, 2010
Can you upload an image? That way we can give you a positive ID.
Strange bug camping out on jalepeno plants Strange bug camping out on jalepeno plants
i went to pick some jalepeno's and found strange looking insects on it, many, some being attacked by ants, even carried off. They appear to be black with a sharp horn and what looks like several thistles about it's body. I have been searching the web for over an hour and have found nothing...Will you please help?
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April 19, 2010
Can you take a picture and upload it? that way it can be positively identified.
Idnetify tree with bell shaped flowers now in bloom Idnetify tree with bell shaped flowers now in bloom
I am in Southern Indiana, and have noticed a tree in my woods that has blue/purple bell shaped flowers. The tree is 30+ feet tall, open like a redbud.What is it?!
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April 19, 2010
Can you upload an image? that would be the only way to get a positive ID. If you could get closeups of the leaves and flowers, that would help.
when planting chokecherry bushes what is the recommended distance between bushes

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April 17, 2010
Chokecherries, Prunus virginiana, have a spread of 25 feet around (when full grown) with an annual growth rate of 12 to 18 inches per year. So it is suggested to leave enough room between for full sized growth (or 25 ft apart).
fertilization fertilization
what type of household items can be used as a mixture for weedkiller, without harming plants they are surrounding?

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April 17, 2010
Hard work and elbow grease.
weed identification weed identification
louise slusser
weed with leaf that looks like a small lily pad that has very long root system with sprouts of leaves coming up about every inch. Any idea what it is???
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April 16, 2010
Hi Louise, There are many weeds that could fit this description. Could you upload an image of the plant?
monkey flower monkey flower
did the indians ever use the monkey flower?
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April 15, 2010
  Lewis' Monkeyflower Lewis' Monkeyflower
Lewis' Monkeyflower
Insect-eating plant. M. lewisii is known to possess "flypaper-type" traps and is apparently protocarnivorous, supplementing its nutrients with small insects. Member of the Lopseed Family,

Native Americans and early travelers in the American West used the monkey flower as a salt substitute to flavor wild game. The entire plant is edible, but reported to be very salty and bitter unless well cooked. The juice squeezed from the plant's foliage was used as a soothing poultice for minor burns and skin irritations.
Lack of blooms Lack of blooms
I have a Bradford pear (Pyrus calleryana 'Bradford') that didn't bloom this year, but has begun leafing out vigorously. What might be reason for this?
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April 13, 2010
Hard to say....but many have described a similar situation with Bradford Pears....where after failing to flower, they produce many new leaves...could be a soil deficiency..... I'd recommend reading through this forum...it contains a lot of good questions/answers that may help you: http://landscaping.about.com/b/2007/12/08/bradford-pear-trees.htm
iding spiders iding spiders
I found a spider in my house. but i dont know what it is. i took a picture of it and i was wondering how i can get info on it. Is there a site that i can upload the picture of it and then findout what it is.?? The spider it's self it has a small body brown or red and it has a big grey sack.. Hopefully you can help. thenk you for your time.
brooks h.
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April 13, 2010
Yes, you can upload it to this site. Click the Join button above.
Type of Plant and how it grows Type of Plant and how it grows
Donald J Rudolph
Yellow morea, could you please tell me about this plant?
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April 12, 2010
Are you referring to the Yellow Wild Iris? http://healthyhomegardening.com/Plant.php?pid=726
Orange labeling Orange labeling
Owoidoho Friday
divide and the ls part of the orange

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April 10, 2010
name this plant? name this plant?
Trying to identify a plant that looks like a Desert Spoon only the leather type leaves have smooth edges and are more flexible the way they hang down
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April 09, 2010
That might be a hard one. Sounds interesting, could you upload some images? That way everyone can take a look.
Producing heads Producing heads
I live in Central Florida. My Broccoli, Cabbage and Brussel Sprouts are not producing. Bought the starter plants from Home Depot. It has been two months. Why do I have no heads producing?
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April 09, 2010
Can't be sure, but I know that in hot weather cruciferous plants like Broccoli, Cabbage, and Brussel Sprouts will often go dormant until the weather is cooler. Alternatively, they may simply need more time...
I haven't received the activation email

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April 09, 2010
Hi Jackie, Your account has been manually activated, if you remember the password you chose, you may log in. If you've forgotten it, you can have another one generated if you click "Forgot Password" under the log in on the home page. Your username: jwillmot If you have any problems, don't give up, we will make sure you succeed!
Identification Identification
I currently have a deep maroon bush (?) that has small white flowers on it, can you possibly tell me what the name of the bush is?
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April 09, 2010
I'm not sure. Could you take a close up of the leaves and flowers? If you upload them to this site, everyone can take a look.
Japanese Beetle Pests Japanese Beetle Pests
Japanese Beetle Pests
I have a problem with Japanese beetles in the summer. I live in Missouri, and they come approx. June-August. Does anyone know the best way to get rid of these pests?
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April 08, 2010
Thank you! I will have to try these things!
Natural repellents include catnip, chives, garlic, tansy, dead beetles, and soap-water spray mixtures. You can use a bio-spray called Milky Spore, (Paenibacillus popilliae, or Bacillusb popilliae), but it can take up to 5 years. Pheromone traps just bring more beetles.
regrowth of plant regrowth of plant
Tommy Rogers
After the frost killed our giant salvias, do I need to cut them down to the ground in order for them to grow again?
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April 08, 2010
purchasing the yellow petunia from Brazil purchasing the yellow petunia from Brazil
i saw the yellow petunia from Brazil on your site, and was wondering if they are available in the United States. As dark yellow as the pansies are, i cannot find any petunias that dark yellow.
Thank you,

Kristy Penrod
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April 07, 2010
tomato early blight treatment
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April 02, 2010
http://www.helium.com/items/321775-what-to-do-when-tomato-blight-strikes-your-garden An article about taking care of tomato blight
giant Dumb Cane giant Dumb Cane
jodi leverette
Some dumb canes seems to grow larger than others. They look the same but grow different. I cant seem to find them taller than 3 feet tall. Can you help me to find them large?
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March 26, 2010
what do daffodils like what do daffodils like
what so daffodils like what kind of weather how damp the soil is stuff like that
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March 25, 2010
Daffodils prefer a deep rather stiff soil but succeeds in most soils. Grows well in heavy clay soils. Succeeds in sun or shade. Grows well on woodland edges
Identify this plant Identify this plant
Identify this plant
Can someone tell me what the name of this plant is? It is beautiful and goes in warmer climates, I think
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March 21, 2010
If you would provide a picture, it would greatly help in the identification of the plant.
My son and his wife and baby just moved into a mobile home they are considering buying. My sons allergies have been extremely bad for him causing him to go to the Dr. Today my son called and said he found some mushrooms growing out of their carpet in their bedroom. While searching further and moving their dresser they found a whole bunch growing under their dresser.They just moved into the trailer in February 2010. My son said the mushrooms look like scalloped potatoes- wavy and without the cheese..any ideas on what kind of mushrooms and why they are growing in the carpet of their bedroom under the dresser etc? Thank you for any help- Deleith
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March 21, 2010
Sounds like a type of shelf mushroom, most of which are harmless... If you could upload an image, we could give you a much more accurate ID.
Smelly orange things in my flower bed Smelly orange things in my flower bed
I live in Central Florida, in my flowerbed I am finding these bright orange ball shaped objects (they sort of resemble a rotten tomato, but I know they are not), I don't know what they are. They smell HORRIBLE!!! Do you have any ideas?
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March 16, 2010
Sounds like stinkhorn fungus... if you could upload an image, we could then know for sure.
oak root fungus oak root fungus
i found what looks like oat root fungus in my carpet under one of my house plants is this posionous and how do i remove sorry about that i sent you an email that said pak root iment oak root
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March 15, 2010
fugus on my cherry tree fugus on my cherry tree
my cherry tree has some kind of fugus on it and its killing it how can i treat it
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March 11, 2010
There are many types of fungus and other diseases that often affect cherry trees.... Do you know what type of cherry tree it is? The best way to identify the fungus would be to create an account on this site so you'll be able to upload the image or any others that you have, then any and all members will be able to view them for help with identification, comments, information, etc. Creating an account is quick and easy...and free of course....
sick mango tree sick mango tree
I have a mango tree and it only bear fruit once, now the leaves grow healthy, but after a few days they get curly. Why is that? Does the tree has some kind of fungus?
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February 21, 2010
Goat head problem Goat head problem
Christopher Haynes
How can you get rid of Goat heads? Caan they grow in grass? I have two baseball fields full of them and dont know how to get rid of them so the kids can play on the fields. Thank you.
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February 21, 2010
Goat Heads can be a very difficult problem...and there is no sure way to get rid of them. They can be sprayed with chemicals, but this also kills any other vegetation in the area. Some people have tried introducing goat head weevils, which infect the seedpods and weaken them... This is not a sure treatment, and is usually only one part of a larger strategy. Domestic grasses are also very hardy, and can often out-compete goat heads over time...you may try sowing the areas with large amounts of s
Insects on the wall of the plant covered with soil. Insects on the wall of the plant covered with soil.
Description of plant: I don't know the name but this plant is used for material purpose and for house construction. It will be usually as taller as a three floor building, straight wth round circular wood in India. Only after 3-5 years the wood will be good to use.
Problem: After one year of planting it, we noticed that some insects are covering the wall of all the plants. The insects will be on the wall but there will be a layer of soil covering them from outside.
Please help me identifying this plant disease and how to get ride of this problem?
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February 07, 2010
Can you upload an image? It sounds like it could be many things... If you can get a lot of light on it, and get as close as you can, we'd all be happy to take a look at it.
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