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what kind of little animal on survivor what kind of little animal on survivor
nancy poole
on Survivor season 26 this past wed. night they showed this cute little wide/big eyed animal in a tree eating a grasshopper. what was it?

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February 15, 2013
mushrooms mushrooms
Christine Devine
This summer i found some strange mushrooms . So strange I thought they were my nephews nerf rockets ! Orange, pink & white. what are they ?
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February 06, 2013
Sounds like Slime Mold.
  Slime Mold Slime Mold
Slime Mold

Purple five-petaled Flower ID, Help, please Purple five-petaled Flower ID, Help, please
Kevin Linden
I am trying to identify this very distinctive flower. It has five petals, smoky-purple in color, with large, pod-like seeds in the center. See link to image. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=503289336389977&set=a.265141876871392.79885.250651641653749&type=1&relevant_count=1
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January 25, 2013
Identify this flower Identify this flower
Identify this flower
I have a plant that I purchased at a small greenhouse that they did not know the name of. They said it was from the cacti family but I cannot find any info or pictures of this plant. It has thick smooth rounded leaves. I kept it outside all summer and brought it in before the first freeze. Since bringing it in it has shot up over a foot with blooms (?)that look like seeds at the top but a small plant is growing from the roots.
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November 30, 2012
it could be a trumpit vine
Seed pod from flowering vine Seed pod from flowering vine
Seed pod from flowering vine
I have a 10 inch green seed pod from a vine. There were only two pods. I didn't see the flower, but have photos of the pod and the shriveling leaf.
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November 07, 2012
NO the beans that sprouted are not a trumpet vine.
it is from a trumpet vine i have one and it has flowers then pods develope
I have a plant that produces large red, 5-petal flowers. First comes the pods, then the flowers bloom for 1 day, close up, and then die. There are multiples blooming one after another for months approx. from July-Oct. They multiply every year, and they are gorgeous. Hope someone can help me with this.
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October 16, 2012
who is in charge? who is in charge?
who is in charge?
who do we contact with suggestions for improving this webpage. This could be a great resource but it is obvious from reading the questions that a couple areas could use some improvement.
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October 06, 2012
what type of mushroom? what type of mushroom?
what type of mushroom?
found this mushroom. can anybody tell me what it is? https://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=469321799767221&set=a.243548312344572.72232.100000682153726&type=1&theater
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October 01, 2012
Large Red flower, help ID please Large Red flower, help ID please
Large Red flower, help ID please
This is a large plant, with leaves that almost look like weed, but farther apart. They grow this odd looking pod and this beautiful Red flower pops out (VERY large flowers too). But, they only bloom for one day, close up, and die. Does anyone have any idea what this flower could be? As I am new to this site I haven't figured out how to post pictures. But if you'd like to see please message me and I can show you!
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September 24, 2012
Sounds like the one I am trying to identify. Does it look like the attached? Do you know the name?
name of plant/flower name of plant/flower
I have a white flower that grows like an Amaryllis/lily but I can't find the vareity name nor any pictures of it anywhere. the flower itself has a small round center like a morning glory but it has long white spider like petals that hang down from it's center. ? I have some pics but there is no where here to post any.

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September 07, 2012
rubbery orange garden things rubbery orange garden things
Mary Mancini
What are the rubbery orange things growing out of my garden? They seem hollow and are about four inches long.
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September 06, 2012
Without an image I could only guess... maybe a type of fungus like an ascocarp... Orange Peel Fungus Pyronemataceae Aleuria aurantia
  Orange Peel Fungus Orange Peel Fungus
Orange Peel Fungus
Ascocarp Elf Cup Fungus

hedge with bell like buds/flowers. Any ideas? hedge with bell like buds/flowers.  Any ideas?
hedge with bell like buds/flowers.  Any ideas?
This hedge has a simple leaf and has white buds that hang down. when open, then look like pods almost....and have a tiny red "dot" type flower in the very center. strange. top of hedge is red tipped. I have a picture but don't see how to upload it here.
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September 03, 2012
identify plant identify plant
I have a plant with soft rubbery elongated leaves on long red to burgandy spikes, about 18 inches. The flowers very tiny, pink in color with yellow stamines that open late afternoon. It has bb sized seed balls. Help
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September 01, 2012
unknown identity unknown identity
unknown identity
purple flowers and heart shaped leaves
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September 01, 2012
Need help identifying purple flower Need help identifying purple flower
Need help identifying purple flower
Hi - I'd appreciate any help in identifying a flower / flowering shrub. I don't see a way to attach a pic here so I'll try to describe. Flowers are purple. It is in a pot and grown 12-24 inches tall. Lower stem is brown and woody, upper part is green. Leaves are smooth and a little shiny. Multiple purple petals are at stem end and have little sticky feet kind of things. Horrible description I know. Can I send or upload a pic somehow? Thank you!
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August 17, 2012
Live Oak Eggs? Live Oak Eggs?
Live Oak Eggs?
Many little yellow "eggs" have formed on the back of the live oak tree leaves. This tree is in Texas. What are they?
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August 17, 2012
Chuchu seeds or plants Chuchu seeds or plants
Larry Iversen
Do you have chuchu seeds or plants for purchase or can tell me where they are available please?
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August 16, 2012
But usually not, I'd just search through Google, "Vegetable Pear Seeds Sale" "Chuchu Seeds Sale"
Sometimes you can find some here:
  Vegetable Pear, Chuchu Vegetable Pear, Chuchu
Vegetable Pear, Chuchu
Tastes like cucumber. edible plant that belongs to the gourd family Cucurbitaceae along with melons, cucumbers and squash. Whether raw or cooked, chayote is a good source of amino acids and vitamin C

help my plant help my plant
I have a curly leaf croton and the leaves are falling off. It is outside not in direct sunlight. I live in Houston and the weather is in the 90's and heat index in the 100's How do we keep the leaves from coming off
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August 08, 2012
Tree Parasitic plant Tree Parasitic plant
Tree Parasitic plant
A friend in TEXAS took this photo. She said it was attached to a tree. What is it?
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July 17, 2012
Flower issue Flower issue
I have a flower that I found and I can't identify it. It has seven petals all of which are two thirds red, this is one third on each outside, and yellow in the middle of each pedal like stripes.

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July 12, 2012
I uploaded it into plants. Sorry if I do stuff wrong, I'm kinda knew.
If you could upload an image, I could give you a positive ID. The first flower that pops in my head though is a Gazania, but I think the colors might be reversed.
tree leaf fungus maybe? poisenus berries in the yard? tree leaf fungus maybe? poisenus berries in the yard?
I have found tree leaves on the ground with white and purple towers they protrude up and are flat on the top. My concern is I have planted an extensive garden and more than that I have a dog who is like a kid to me. Any ideas on what this is and is it dangerous? One more thing this just started growing in my yard this year as well, there are small red berries that are growing through my clover they almost look like a strawberry but they are circular again I rescued my dog from the ASPCA and want to have him around for a long time.
Thank you all so much for taking the time to read and reply.

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July 08, 2012
It's very hard to ID a plant without an image. If you could get some closeup images, I'll try my best.
Still no luck Still no luck
Still no luck
Still no luck identifying this tree. I have searched high and low and still have no idea. Any ideas? Even just thoughts that may help my search...

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July 07, 2012
when is the best time to plant grass sods?
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July 05, 2012
flowering hanging basket flowering hanging basket
flowering hanging basket
bought a hangingbasket of flowers - spearlike serrated on edge dark green leaves - blooms red with 5 pedals to each bloom which are layerd heartshaped - can you identify?
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June 30, 2012
plant fungus plant fungus
plant fungus
have something growing on my flowers that look like string. its attacthed to the plant not the dirt.what do you think i should do or how to get rid of it
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June 28, 2012
Could it be possible to get an image? We'll need to verify what it is. To add an image: Click the orange + Add above, select fungus, add the name "String Fungus", then scroll down to the bottom, and click Save, then upload the image.
killing plant killing plant
I have a white elongated fungus growing on the leaves of my plant.It is killing the plant.
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June 27, 2012
Unidentified flower Unidentified flower
Unidentified flower
I'm trying to identify a plant which appeared in my garden this spring. It has small yellow flowers similar to a buttercup, is about 2-3 feet tall. It has long thin stringy irregular shaped stems, and a 3-4" leaf with jagged edges and three leaves per cluster. The leaf groups all appear near the lower third of the plant. If you can tell me how, I can send a picture if that would help.
Thank you very much for any help you can provide.
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June 26, 2012
You click the orange + symbol to add a page, then select Add a Plant. Then give the plant a name (Small Yellow Flower), then scroll down to the bottom and press Enter (or Add, Update etc) Click Upload Image Select an image on your computer, upload it Give it a different title or caption, update, or upload a different image.
identify flower identify flower
Im trying to find out the name of this flower. At first i thought it was fake. It has a bottom petal thats soft and beige then there is a red and white star shaped petal on top that is hard. It also has a weird/unpleasant smell to it. The flower was cut yesterday so its wilting.
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June 21, 2012
Can you get a picture?
conformatio email not recieved conformatio email not recieved
Have not recieved the email with the conformation link?
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June 19, 2012
Help me join too (third attempt) Help me join too (third attempt)
Still no tresponse from anyone about your sites problems. Unable to send emils either. What wrong? If you need some help fixing it let me know. I know someone that can help you.
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June 19, 2012
I guess MSN is blocking the emails.
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