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unknown identity unknown identity
unknown identity
purple flowers and heart shaped leaves
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September 01, 2012
twisted hazel disease twisted hazel disease
I have a twisted hazel in a large pot : it has started growing and putting out new healthy green leaves, but I have just noticed,to my dismay, that the young buds closest to the stems are full of brown decaying material.
I have nipped off as many as I can, but am unsure of the cause.
Could you offer advice and a suitable treatment please? Overall, the plant looks healthy, but I should like to prevent any spread of this unsightly blight.
I bought the plant a year ago and have potted on.

Thank you.
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May 25, 2010
john d hampson
You could upload an image if you have one. If you have a magnifying lens, you can take a closer look. Look for tiny bugs like aphids, thrips, spider mites etc. and look for tiny fungus hairs. Thanks
tree leaf fungus maybe? poisenus berries in the yard? tree leaf fungus maybe? poisenus berries in the yard?
I have found tree leaves on the ground with white and purple towers they protrude up and are flat on the top. My concern is I have planted an extensive garden and more than that I have a dog who is like a kid to me. Any ideas on what this is and is it dangerous? One more thing this just started growing in my yard this year as well, there are small red berries that are growing through my clover they almost look like a strawberry but they are circular again I rescued my dog from the ASPCA and want to have him around for a long time.
Thank you all so much for taking the time to read and reply.

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July 08, 2012
It's very hard to ID a plant without an image. If you could get some closeup images, I'll try my best.
help with identification help with identification
vicki chandler
do you know what kind of flower this is?
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February 06, 2010
I'm not sure, If you could post some larger pictures (preferably here), that showed the leaves, and the whole plant, everyone can take a better look.
Calla Lilly, can it be planted outside or is it a house plant.
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May 13, 2012
Most indoor plants can be grown outdoors depending on the local climate. Calla Lilies do well in a sunny to partly shaded garden bed and require minimal care.
identify flower identify flower
Im trying to find out the name of this flower. At first i thought it was fake. It has a bottom petal thats soft and beige then there is a red and white star shaped petal on top that is hard. It also has a weird/unpleasant smell to it. The flower was cut yesterday so its wilting.
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June 21, 2012
Can you get a picture?
Plants Plants
Valerie Rowden
Does a dog's urine hurt a fruit tree and/or plants?
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June 25, 2010
urine, especially female's, will kill grass...be careful!!
From what I know it might actually be good for plants. It adds Nitrogen and Urea to the soil, both are beneficial. If the animal is eating or drinking toxins, then it might add toxins to the soil.
Identify yellow flower Identify yellow flower
Val Morrison
I have yellow flowers and cannot seem to find out what they are - I would like to get more! They bloom in the Houston "winter" right up to March some years. On 18-24" stem, with multiple small bunches of buds along the stem and at the end. The flower opens in a spiral, and the petals overlap. Short stamen but visible. Very bright yellow. Hope I can upload a picture. Please help!

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March 27, 2012
We will need an image to identify this flower. To upload an image, you have to click Join first, then enter a username, password and email. Once that's completed you can click Add above, then select a plant page, then save it and upload an image.
Fruit Fruit
Usman badmus
Differences between a carrot and a ginger
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February 12, 2012
Identification Identification
I currently have a deep maroon bush (?) that has small white flowers on it, can you possibly tell me what the name of the bush is?
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April 09, 2010
I'm not sure. Could you take a close up of the leaves and flowers? If you upload them to this site, everyone can take a look.
mushroom springing up mushroom springing up
mushroom springing up
These mushrooms sprung up overnight in our front yard and hasn't happened like this before. Do you know why and what they are called, any specific purpose??
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November 01, 2013
There are at least 1.5 million species of fungus. If you could show me an image, I might be able to help you narrow it down, or even give you a positive ID.
Fungus identification Fungus identification
Fungus identification
Can anyone identify this fungus?
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March 25, 2012
Seeds Seeds
when should I dead head Tick Seed and can I use the seeds to start plants in pots to transplant?
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June 12, 2011
You can clip them when they start to wilt, but if you want it to go to seed, then you'll want to let them dry before clipping. Some types need to stay dry for months, other might need to freeze before the seed becomes viable.
Problems with your identification Problems with your identification
On the following page (the only one I have looked at on your site) you have pictures of three different plants, all labelled 'Common Sow Thistle'. See

What are your qualifications?
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November 01, 2011
Common names can be deceptive thus the need for the use of scientific names. Take the tea tree for example. There are two very different plants in Australia that I know of which are both commonly called tea tree. One being a tree in the Myrtaceae called Melaleuca Alternifolia from which tea tree oil is extracted the other also in the Myrtaceae family is a genus of shrubs small trees (Leptospermum) which was named 'tea tree' due to early settlers using the leaves from the shrubs as a tea. On th
This is a community site. Each page is the work of the respective author. The page you are referring to seems to have two different asters represented. You seem to want to help, if so, you should log in and share your wisdom.
regrowth of plant regrowth of plant
Tommy Rogers
After the frost killed our giant salvias, do I need to cut them down to the ground in order for them to grow again?
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April 08, 2010
pumpkin for grand kids pumpkin for grand kids
I am tring to grow pumpkins in a widow box for the last 2 years. I get beautiful plants alot of flowers but they dry up and fall off . everyone say it neeeds to be pollinated .I try usin a q tip also my finger . I know the flowers dont stay open long but i still cant firgue out why they wont produce a few pumkins for my grand kids. all I hear is grandpa wheres the pumkins ??? help
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June 07, 2010
hi Tom, To manually pollinate a pumpkin, find the part of the flower that has dust-like particles on it. This is the pollen. Then you need to find the female flower of another plant, which will look a bit different than the male, and it won't have pollen falling from it. Just dab the pollen on the female part of the flower. The reason for the a paint brush is to simulate an insect crawling around in there. The female end of the flower or "Stigma" generates a static charge to pull the
tom k
explan where is the pollen and also why a brush. why wouldnt a q tip work need more info thanks tom k grand pa
Try using a very soft, long bristled artists brush. If you have more than one variety or species to pollinate then use different brushes and label them so that you keep the pollen straight! Be sure to gather the pollen from the anthers and then get it down into the throat of the flower!
Fungus on crown of thorns Fungus on crown of thorns
I have a large crown of thorns plant which now seems to have a fungal growth and it splits the trunks and also around any new growth. What can I do to kill this fungus among us??
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February 06, 2012
What kind of fungus looks like a goblet and big. What kind of fungus looks like a goblet and big.
Can you identify this?
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June 22, 2014
plant / bush is sick plant / bush is sick
Not sure what kind of outside plant this is, last year in the fall it had fuzzy willows on the tips of its branches.
I think it has a disease. Some leaves are black, the bark/stems have white poad on them. there are different kinds of bees all over it.
Can someone tell me whats going on with this thing?
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September 07, 2009
Cherry tree blight Cherry tree blight
Our very mature cherry tree is now covered with elongated black and orange bugs. The entire tree has leaves that are turning black and "scrunched". There is a "sap" of some sort dripping from the tree. Please help. I don't know the variety of cherry but they are not bright red, more yellow /red combination. I live in Central NY. Thank you....
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June 13, 2009
How do you refer people? How do you refer people?
How do you refer people?
Do you use a referral link? How do you earn point by referring?
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January 29, 2011
If you click the "More" tab and then the "Tell a Friend" tab, there will be a page with an input box, if you put in their emails, and they sign up, you get a percentage of all the points that they get. You can check their status in your member home page under the "My Referrals" Tab.
mulberries mulberries
Tammy Harrelson
is a mulberry poisonous

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May 12, 2010
All parts of white mulberry, except for the ripe fruit, contain a milky sap (latex) that is toxic to humans. Although humans may consume ripe mulberry fruit, ingestion of unripe fruit can result in stomach upset, stimulation of the nervous system and hallucinations. The sap is also an irritant, and contact with leaves and stems may result in varying degrees of skin irritation. White mulberry pollen is highly allergenic and contributes to hayfever.
Mullberries are said to be a little toxic when they are unripe, but after they are ripe, they are edible, and delicious. Make sure you have your Mullberry tree properly identified.
fertilization fertilization
what type of household items can be used as a mixture for weedkiller, without harming plants they are surrounding?

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April 17, 2010
Hard work and elbow grease.
small white and blue flower small white and blue flower
small white and blue flower
I had a flower given to me and I have no idea what it is. The stems are like an air fern the blooms have 3 white petals on one side and the base is a light blue. It is dying and I don't know what to do for it because I do not know what it is. Please help!
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June 14, 2015
identify plant identify plant
I have a plant with soft rubbery elongated leaves on long red to burgandy spikes, about 18 inches. The flowers very tiny, pink in color with yellow stamines that open late afternoon. It has bb sized seed balls. Help
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September 01, 2012
earning points earning points
earning points
Right above my user name there is a points tally...how do i get points and what do i do with them? :)
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August 05, 2010
You have to visit the Old Oak Tree. It's under the "More" Tab. Then the "Visit Oak Tree" tab.
Unidentified flower Unidentified flower
Unidentified flower
I'm trying to identify a plant which appeared in my garden this spring. It has small yellow flowers similar to a buttercup, is about 2-3 feet tall. It has long thin stringy irregular shaped stems, and a 3-4" leaf with jagged edges and three leaves per cluster. The leaf groups all appear near the lower third of the plant. If you can tell me how, I can send a picture if that would help.
Thank you very much for any help you can provide.
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June 26, 2012
You click the orange + symbol to add a page, then select Add a Plant. Then give the plant a name (Small Yellow Flower), then scroll down to the bottom and press Enter (or Add, Update etc) Click Upload Image Select an image on your computer, upload it Give it a different title or caption, update, or upload a different image.
cycas is which type of plant ?

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April 02, 2013
The Cycas are their own main Division of plants; Cycadophyta.
Their relation to other plants can be seen in this diagram. Look for it on the left side of the tree, near the middle.
Plant Orders 2
susan van welie
what does the seed of impala lily look like
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February 20, 2011
Kind of like a dandelion seed www.flickr.com photos oom_piet 4937096201
thunderflies thunderflies
Susan Mooers
My house has been invaded by Thunderflies. Everytine the door is open some more come in. I need to know how to get ride of them. I have just put out bowls with vinegar covered by saran wrap with holes punctured in it. While they seem to be attracted to it they do go in the holes. I have sprayed the screens friendly insecticide and all the plants in the house and the deck but cannot seem to rid myself of them entirely. HELP!!!!
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August 07, 2011
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