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Winterize a plant Winterize a plant
paula Howie
How do I winter over a geranium? I have a potted plant outside which I could bring in but I don't know if it is better to leave it out and cut it back. Please advise.
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October 20, 2011
dont know where you live,but when i lived in southern pa, we had to dig them up and put in a pot and take in the house.some flowers we would cover with a heavy layer of leaves and they would winter very well
Squalene Squalene
Alex Neo
I'm sourcing for Squalene from Amaranth. Are you able to extract it and supply ? Please advise. Thank you.
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November 01, 2010
Maintaining a Japanese gardeners work, and distinguishing weeds in Okinawa Maintaining a Japanese gardeners work, and distinguishing weeds in Okinawa
Maintaining a Japanese gardeners work, and distinguishing weeds in Okinawa
I recently moved in to a home in Okinawa that was owned by a Japanese gardener. He left a good amount of his plants, shrubs, and a few trees behind when he moved. I really want to keep up the appearance of what he left, and I would like to start planting some herbs and flowers to fill in when he took with him.
The one problem I am having is I can not distinguish what is a weed and what might be something worth keeping. I'd love to get in there and clean it up, but I am hesitant.
Any advice is appreciated!
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September 21, 2010
I did the same thing here with this site. I took images of every plant in my yard, organized them into individual pages, then slowly identified them with the help of others. I wouldn't pull anything up until it is identified.
italian cypress italian cypress
How close can I plant italian cypress so to create a privacy screen with no open spaces between trees?
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June 12, 2010
pumpkin for grand kids pumpkin for grand kids
I am tring to grow pumpkins in a widow box for the last 2 years. I get beautiful plants alot of flowers but they dry up and fall off . everyone say it neeeds to be pollinated .I try usin a q tip also my finger . I know the flowers dont stay open long but i still cant firgue out why they wont produce a few pumkins for my grand kids. all I hear is grandpa wheres the pumkins ??? help
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June 07, 2010
hi Tom, To manually pollinate a pumpkin, find the part of the flower that has dust-like particles on it. This is the pollen. Then you need to find the female flower of another plant, which will look a bit different than the male, and it won't have pollen falling from it. Just dab the pollen on the female part of the flower. The reason for the a paint brush is to simulate an insect crawling around in there. The female end of the flower or "Stigma" generates a static charge to pull the
tom k
explan where is the pollen and also why a brush. why wouldnt a q tip work need more info thanks tom k grand pa
Try using a very soft, long bristled artists brush. If you have more than one variety or species to pollinate then use different brushes and label them so that you keep the pollen straight! Be sure to gather the pollen from the anthers and then get it down into the throat of the flower!
mule's ear propagation? mule's ear propagation?
Larry Haas
I have gathered seeds from mule's ear flowers. What is the best way to propagate this plant?
Thanhx, Larry
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May 24, 2010
There are different types of Mule Ears, all appear to be very specific as to habitat requirements. For example: El Dorado mule-ears grows only in the gabbro soil region of western El Dorado County; in other words, it is endemic to this soil formation General propagation info is: Mulesear sprouts from underground rootstalks or from the root crown following damage to above-ground portions of the plant. Mules-ears reproduces by seed. Seeds germinate without stratification, but a cool-moist strati
Most asters you can just throw on the top of soil, or just under it and they'll do fine. I've never grown Mules Ears though.
Pruning Pruning
cathy cresswell
My neighbor has sheered my Primrose Jasmine at least 5 feet up and a about 3feet in . There is not any green foliage on what was sheered. The plants are in Austin, Tx. and about 12 years old. It is after flowering. Has she hurt them by being so drastic. I know she has a right ,however I would like her to cut them correctly so us as neighbors do not lose our privacy. How do I keep them from casading to her property. I'm tired of getting upset by a neighbor cutting my bushes.

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May 22, 2010
I've had that problem myself. They will most likely bounce back just fine. That's a strong plant. Just continue their normal watering etc. You will want to cut them back early next season.
fertile mespila tree. fertile mespila tree.
Ged Ball
Can I grow a fertile Mespila tree here in England? Mespila is the Cypriot name, I think in English it is a Loquat.A friend has grown a tree to 7ft but has had no fruit. Should it be grafted like an apple tree or does it need a partner to polinate it. I would like to try as I think it is a lovely fruit and quite expensive to buy. Thanking you in anticipation. Ged
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May 16, 2010
The Loquat (Eriobotrya japonica) and the Medlar (Mespilus) are two different trees. The Medlar Tree can be found growing in the UK. I'm not sure that a Loquat could grow there, although some can grow in France. Sometimes a tree needs a few years before producing fruit, other times, trauma might make the tree produce even later.
green fruit on tomatoes getting black spots green fruit on tomatoes getting black spots
have a hanging tomato plant. The green fruit is now getting black spots. Someone told me to quit watering - let plant wilt badly before watering again. Think I am killing the plant. How much should I be watering. Weather has been pretty cool here. Live in San Jose, Ca
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July 11, 2009
could be tomato blight...or maybe blossom end rot... maybe this will be of help www.vegetablegardeners.com black-spots-on-tomatoes.htm plantanswers.tamu.edu vegetables tomato.html
cutting back cactus cutting back cactus
cutting back cactus
I have a variety of paddle cactus that is growing like crazy. I want to cut and replant the cuttings. how do I do that.
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July 10, 2009
It's also good to completely dry the cuttings for a few days before replanting. While the pads are drying and when you plant them, make sure you keep them oriented the same way they originally were, or it will take them a lot longer to establish.
Just cut off a side pad near the main stem with a sharp razor knife. Prepare a pot or location with sandy or rocky soil, the cactus likes to be dry most of the time. I find that placing a good-sized rock right next to, or right on top with the pad angling out from under it, helps to get the cactus started. It stabilizes the soil and keeps the cactus secured until it can grow roots.
Herbs Herbs
Herbs. seem to be cutting my herbs wrong so much so they die. I was trying to cut of the flowers forming on the basil and the cilantro but may have killed the herbs by cutting to much of the stems. When i want to use cilantro and basil - do i cut the stems or just pull the leaves off. I don't want to kill the mint. I pick off the leaves now. What is the best way to cut herbs for use? and cut flowers off so as to stop the herbs spoiling?
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July 05, 2009
It seems that the best way in my experience has been to cut or pinch off the stem... right above a node where the stem branches apart... then pick the leaves off of the stem if needed...but removing the stem encourages the plant to produce more stems and leaves....which is just what you want for an herb plant.
Yellowish unhealthy looking plants. Yellowish unhealthy looking plants.
All the vegetables in my garden look yellowish instead of a good green, and they are growing very slowly or not at all. This includes tomatoes, squash, peppers, peas, lettuce, and spinach. I have been using Miracle Grow fertilizer that is a couple of years old and giving them plenty of water.
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June 08, 2009
There is great info at this link. It might help www.gardensalive.com article.asp?ai=57&bhcd2=1249697628

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